Following the same pattern as all the fall collections that came out, I was totally uninterested in all the products that were released with Mac’s many holiday products.
Considering years’ past, I’ve gotten very little. I got just some of the lipsticks, 2 dazzleglasses and 2 paint pots. That’s nothing, when realizing that the whole collection comes with eye shadows, face products, sets, kits etc.
Last year I did actually got some of the sets, the pigment sets. And the year before I got a brush kit. Yes, the brush kits are awful – everybody needs to experience it once, and quite honestly my brush set wasn’t terrible. It wasn’t amazing, but not terrible.
This year the theme is Glitter & Ice, with a nice silver and white color theme and with celebrity pairing of Johnny Weir. A lot of the face products and kits came with a silver glitter snow globe like thing on the product. I wasn’t interested in those products, but I did get this bag with my products from the Mac store which is pretty much good enough for me lol.

The products come in mirrored silver boxes and the products come with white plastic instead of black.
This collection is available at all Mac stores and online.

I bought 3 lipsticks, 2 of them I intend to mix and to look like one of the lipsticks from Love Lace. The other is a matte red. Which I was suckered into because I love red lipstick. No matter the brand, I always look at red lipsticks first. It’s scary how many red lipsticks I’ve bought from Mac’s limited edition collections. 
There isn’t much say about the lipsticks – the names and the finishes are above, swatches are below 🙂
Eloquent Air
Soft Sable
Such Flare!
The 2 dazzleglasses I got were both similar in theme – red and holiday like. Love Alert is actually a permanent color, I just got a holiday one because the Mac girl gave me one haha. I paid for a regular one but she was nice enough to slip in a holiday dazzleglass. Love Alert is a bright sheer red with pink glitter. 
The other is called Spanking Rich, which is a slightly plummier color with golder glitter. 
The Dazzleglass formula is very glossy but also very sticky. It’s also got a lot of glitter packed in. It’s for sure more of a “going out” sort of formula rather than daily. There are some nicer ones that are a little more neutral and less glittery. 
These are also known for having very little product for price considering the rest of the products Mac has to offer. I personally like them though. I like the super gloss of them and the glitter is fun.

Spanking Rich
Love Alert

This collection also had 3 paint pots. The other was black with silver shimmer and I wasn’t really interested. These two were very nice though.
Morning Frost is a frosty taupe. Similar in texture to the Benefit Creaseless Cream Eye Shadows, they probably have a color like this in their range as well.
Let’s Skate is a baby pink with gold shimmer and pink shimmer. Almost close in texture as the Champale paint pots which I loved.
Morning Frost

Let’s Skate

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