The buzz was almost distinguishable in the air around you when the press release was first seen online on various blogger’s front pages for the OPI Muppets Collection. Last year’s 6 shimmer, 6 glitter holiday collection that was the Burlesque collection did so well for OPI that they again decided to collaborate with another movie and release 6 more glitters and shimmers.
I have to say I was super excited for the collection since I really enjoyed the Muppets growing up. I think everybody did – but I had very positive memories of watching their TV shows and movies.
This year’s glitters are along the lines of the chunky glitters that have been so popular what with the success of Deborah Lippmann’s formula and then the limited edition shades that Revlon released (and that I’m also all over).
The shimmers were just “meh” as there were 4 red and very un-unique shimmers, along side the 2 that I actually got which were a silver and brown.
I knew from just the press release and the limited pictures that some of the bigger bloggers got from Cosmoprof that I’d be purchasing all 6 glitters and then further research had me convinced on the other 2 polishes. I bought them all at, but you’ll probably be able to find them at Ulta soon as well as local beauty supply stores.
These will be about $8 each.
More photos and swatches after the jump!

Warm & Fozzie
Fozzie Bear was probably one of the Muppets that I most wanted to be friends with. Look at him. He’s a big, fuzzy bear with a bow and hat. Adorable. 
The color is very much like what he was – a warm brown. There’s also a mixture of a little bit of antiqued gold and warm rusty red in there. The glass fleck shimmer is almost what I’d imagine a “fuzzy” texture to be, were it not for the shine in the nail polish.
It’s a little on the sheer side, so 4 coats is definitely doable.
Designer…De Better!
This is a warm silver foil with orange flecks in it. It therefore shines like a warm pale warm silver/bronze sort of color. 
This one was surprisingly opaque for a foil finish polish. It’s good to go in 2 coats. My other silver, Orly’s Shine, was definitely not opaque in 2 coats. 
It’s sort of an unexpected color from OPI – they definitely like to steer on the safe side, so this whole collection actually, is unexpected. Last year’s glitters were still on the safe, “regular” glitter side. This year they’ve done well with expanding their line away from standard versions of finishes and colors. This foil isn’t just a silver foil – it’s got a little extra kick to it to make it even better than a regular silver foil. 
Excuse Moi!
This is the only glitter in the collection that doesn’t have a clear base to it. It’s got a perfect Piggy pink base. It’s not a jelly base, just a sheer pink. There’s then a lot of silver and pink microglitter with bigger confetti colored (as in all colors) pieces of glitter in it. 
Excuse Moi dries to a gritty finish so a top coat is definitely needed. It’s good in 2 coats but if you want a really solid pink base, then 3 is perfect (I’d probably do 3 because I like that sort of “definite” colored nail). 
Rainbow Connection
I just was tweeting with a friend, talking about the differences between Deborah Lippmann’s Happy Birthday (which I don’t own) and what I ended up calling it was “5 year old birthday wishes puked into a bottle in the form of glitter”. 

This super confetti glitter has big and small pieces of every color that you see in all of the other polishes in this collection.
It’s probably best for layering… on it’s own it wears ok. There are a lot of empty patches because of the different sized glitters. If you want a full coating of this, you’ll have to go like 5 coats.

Gettin’ Miss Piggy With It!

Red micro glitter suspended in a clear base with bigger red and silver hexagonal pieces. This one I’d wear multiple coats until it was truly opaque or else I feel like it looks weird with the empty space. You could layer it over a red, but the glitter wears thin enough that 5 or 6 coats probably won’t feel too bad on the nail.

Fresh Frog of Bel Air

First, can I tell you how pleased I am that 2 of these are Will Smith themed named? I love Will Smith lol.
Anyways, this is a very primary green color. Not quite a Kermit green, but a very true green nonetheless. The rest of the glitters, includind this and the previous, in this collection are all different colored versions of themselves. This is the green version of the red, and the blue and purple are the same as well.
I will say that I’m more ok wearing these glitters on their own at 2 or 3 coats. There’s just something about the red that made me feel as if it had to be completely opaque.

Gone Gonzo!
I’ve always had a real sweet spot for Gonzo. He was a good reminder that being weird is ok. And what …. is he? I still can’t figure it out, but he’s always stood out the most to me. 
Anyways, getting back to nail polish, Gone Gonzo! is a light sky blue glitter. It’s actually very very similar to Blue Mosaic by Revlon except that Blue Mosaic has green hex glitter added into it. I personally think you can’t get enough blue glitter so I’m ok with having both, but some may want to skip one or the other. 
Divine Swine
Light purple with a pink tone to it. It’s not a true purple, as it may look in these photos. The color is actually a little more pink – like a fuchsia type purple.

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