This is sort of a miscellaneous post of polishes that I don’t want to do individual posts for because I bought them at the same time and they’re in the same video.
Over the summer/early fall OPI released two small collections of 4 polishes each. For the summer collection, this year called Nice Stems!, OPI always releases 4 polishes that are pretty sought after and always sell out really early everywhere. The other small collection was released in association with the Miss Universe collection. 
Nice Stems! had all pinks. I think the other 3 were pink cremes, maybe not. Regardless, they weren’t very interesting.
Miss Universe had a blue shimmer, I think a red/pink shimmer and then a purple shimmer that is very very similar to Zoya’s Faye and OPI’s Rally Pretty Pink. 
Basically I bought the one polish from each collection that I thought were actually worth buying.
The Pink Shatter is part of the OPI Breast Cancer Awareness cause – they always release a pink color every October, as it’s Breast Cancer Awareness month. Not surprised that they made it a Shatter, as they’ve been ALLLLLL over that haha. The past years they had released Pink of Hearts 1 and 2 and I think they were both cremes.
I bought all of these at, I don’t know if you can find any of these locally, perhaps the Pink Shatter since it’s a new release. 
More photos and swatches after the jump!

Pink Shatter
The Pink Shatter is along the lines of their Turquoise Shatter – it’s got a slight metallic looking finish to it. It’s not a straight pink creme, although when it shatters apart you can’t really see it unless it’s under straight bright sunlight. 
The color is another bright, slightly redder pink. Pretty, and not at all the same tone as any of the other pink crackle polishes that have been released.
I Lily Love You
This is the only color I thought was worth looking into from the Nice Stems! collection. It’s a sheer pink jelly base with flakey opalescent pieces. It feels like the pink version of Last Friday Night by OPI, which I love.
This will do better with layering, not on it’s own, although if you don’t mind sheerness then on it’s own it’d be pretty. 
Crown Me Already!
This was also the standout for me from the Miss Universe collection. It’s a clear base with lots of densely packed silver microglitter – almost like micro foil pieces – and then big hexagonal mirror like silver pieces of glitter. 
It’s stunning. It’s like crushed platinum on your nails. It’s also not very thick when applied. I’d do 4 coats because it is slightly sheer, but it doesn’t feel thick on the nail.

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