I’ve started to look very much forward to the Julep boxes, not because of the nail polish, but because of the full sized nail therapy products that come inside the box. I’ve started to really want to get my cuticles and hands in good condition, not just because they got photographed and filmed all the time but because it’s sort of just the next evolutionary stage of my beauty addiction growth.
This month’s box came with a dark wine red creme named Keira and a sparkly pale gold foil named Sienna. Both are colors that are easily dupable, but also fit with my style profile very well, Classic With A Twist.
The hand therapy that came in my box this month was their Age Defying Hand Brightener cream. I’ve tried their hand cream with SPF, and I enjoyed it very much – all of the boxes I’d gotten with samples came with a small sample of that hand cream. 
Other than that, the other pictures in this post come from single polishes I have purchased from Julep with my discount codes.
You can become a Julep Maven Here, and buy single polishes here. I also have a video and info on the Julep Maven program, which you can read about here.

Age Defying Hand Brightener
I’ve had this in my bag for a little while just to have a hand cream to carry with me for replenishment during the day. I work at a few different pools, as well as work at a daycare, so my hands get thrashed. Even though I’m oily everywhere, my hands are always dry. It’s that bad.
This cream has been helping though. I can’t tell you whether it truly is “age defying” or “brightening”, but I can tell you that it does moisturize nicely, it smells fruity and fresh and it isn’t greasy. I can’t stand an overly greasy cream on my hands. It’s too much for me and it feels dirty since it picks up dust and dirt and then your hands are grimy. I hate it. Luckily, this cream doesn’t turn grimy.
It’s not too offensively scented like mango and other fruits. It’s pleasant. I like it so far. It’s also a full sized product, which is another perk of the Julep box.
Keira / Sienna
The two polishes I got were definitely directed towards the holidays – a wine red creme and a gold foil. Screams Christmas to me.
Both were pretty good in terms of pigmentation. Neither of them are super unique, but go along the feeling I’ve had with all the polishes I’ve tried from them so far, which is that they’re all very pigmented polishes, that go on smooth.
Using the personalized discount code you get when you become a Julep Maven (as well as the free shipping) I have been purchasing a few of their single nail polishes, just to get a handle on what they have to offer outside of their Maven Program.
I’ve been buying very pleasant colors as well because they’ve all been very good quality polishes – pigmented, smooth, not difficult to work with.
Anne / Lindsay
I’ve been looking for a good, blackened red color, and Lindsay might be the color to satiate that need. I do love my reds, but specifically I’ve been looking for a color like Lindsay since I have so many good reds in all the other categories already. Lindsay’s base is a slightly jelly like wine tinted red color. At 2 coats, it’d be perfect for me, at 3 coats it transforms into a very dark, almost black red color.
Anne is a whole different side of the color spectrum. Anne is a very bright, slightly satin finish purple blue color. It’s ridiculously pigmented. It’s almost a one-coater. It’s so unique too – I definitely don’t have a color like it at all. If I were to recommend any colors, it would easily make the top of the list.
The other color I got was called Miranda, which is a turquoise color, with a touch of gray to it, making it slightly dull (in that fashionable, non-bright look) but still very pretty.
I honestly, again don’t know what’s wrong with me lately. I didn’t take a picture of the bottle, and I only did 2 coats. Without even thinking about it. The thing is, you can see how pigmented this color is, because at 2 coats on the bottom of the swatch, you can see how thick and just almost overdone it is. 1 coat is beautiful on it’s own. I love how Miranda applied and how it dried. It’s got a pretty glossy coat.

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