I’m beyond excited to share my newest big haul, which was from Inglot.
Obviously, it was a long time coming. It’s been a big topic of high praise amongst the beauty bloggers and vloggers, because of it’s fantastic pricing when compared to quality, specifically with their eyeshadows. Although they did substantially raise their prices, the price is still very low compared to other brands. 
Inglot actually has a huge product line, ranging from nail polishes, to face products, to lipsticks, to eye shadows and pigments, but I think, again, they’re most known for the eyeshadows. And specifically from their, their Freedom System, which is their pan/palette system that they have available for eyeshadows and blushes, and possibly face powders (I’m not positive on that).
There’s actually so much information having to do with Inglot, that it’s almost overwhelming to write about them in one singular blog post. I am going thus just stick to what I got, and not overview the whole brand like I tend to do in haul posts where I feature a brand I’m just first trying.
When it comes to the Inglot eye shadows, there are a bunch of different finishes, ranging from matte, pearl, sparkly, frosty, and in a million different colors so really, there’s every color that you could possibly ever need. There are also 2 different shaped shadows, which I don’t know why, and what’s particularly different between the choices between the circle and square ones.
The palettes in the freedom system come in various sizes – I got the 10 square palette. I think they go from 2 to 40 so there’s a size for everybody. There are also different sizes for the face powders.
The 10 square palette retails for $5/eye shadow then the palette itself is $14. Considering that a Mac shadow palette holds 15, and each shadow is $11 (in pan form) and the palette is also around $15, Inglot is much more inexpensive.
Aside from the eyeshadows, I purchased 2 of their pigments because I had seen swatches and they were really quite beautiful. Those are actually quite expensive for the amount of product – It’s $14 for 2g of pigment. Mac give you 4.5g for $20.

I ordered my Inglot products from their website, shipping was average in both price and time so I can’t complain.
More photos are after the jump!

I received 3 samples in my box. One of them is a makeup primer, so I’m actually excited to see how that works. The other 2 samples are both the same, and it’s a liquid foundation. It’s their Young Skin Makeup and they gave me the shade 44. Which is random and not based on anything since I never gave any information on my skin-tone, and I didn’t select these samples either. 
44 seems to be right in the middle of their (limited) shade range for this particular foundation. It is actually on the inexpensive side – it retails for $15 for 1fl oz of product. 
I bought 2 pigments by Inglot. They all come in their AMC formula, which stands for Advanced Makeup Components. I don’t actually know what it means, but I guess it sounds cool?
The two pigments I got are both very pigmented and easy to work with.
Like the rest of their products, they are labelled by number. Annoying, but I guess organizationally easier for the company. That’s the only benefit I can think of to not naming your products with names.

Their pigments come in glossy pots. The bottom of the pot is a transparent plastic where you can see the product, the top is a glossy plastic black.

Inglot Pure Pigment Eye Shadow 35
The first pigment is 35, which is a purpley based golden shimmer. It’s got a bit more texture than the other pigment I got. In the pot it looks like it’d be a darker color, but it swatches very shiny and gold. It also wears that way.
I first saw this on Amarixe’s channel and it was gorgeous in her video so I definitely wanted this one first. I definitely thought it’d be a little more purple, on her video and in swatches online, it always looks slightly purpleier than I can ever get it to be. It’s gorgeous though so I’m not regretting this purchase at all.

Just by looking at the swatch, you can tell though that the dark base doesn’t translate at all and that it really just swatches strongly on the brighter foily gold side.

Inglot Pure Pigment Eye Shadow 65

This is much finer of a pigment. It’s got less chunks. This pigment applies so creamy and smooth it’s divine. It’s also fantastically pigmented. It’s a dark warm brown frost. It has a silvery sheen that’s quite beautiful.
I think it’s a perfect warm fall brown color.

The eye shadows came in little plastic sheaths for the most part. 2 of my shadows came in their little black box but I don’t know why. 

The palettes also come in a black box, and inside is the palette. They magnet shut so there isn’t any clasp or anything that can break.
The palettes also magnet together so you can neatly stack them an have them easily stay all together without fearing of losing them. I also like how the top of the palette is slightly see-through so you can see what colors are inside. Unfortunately, the names of the colors are only on the back of the pans, so you can’t see those. But you can always stick a label on the back.

This is how I settled on organizing my neutrals palette (picture below, and click on it to see the full size and numbers). I bought 2, one for brighter colors (all of them ended up being either blue or green), and again, one for neutrals. I tried varying them between finishes so that I could experiment with all of the different finishes Inglot has to offer.
Without thinking about it, all of my colors ended up being on the purple/plum side. I do wish that I had picked more brown toned, instead of all purple shades, so next time I will do that. I am pleasantly surprised with the quality of all the shadows I got though.

 The shadows will be shown from left to right, the top row first, then the bottom.

Inglot Eye Shadow 358 Matte
358 is a matte greyish purple brown. It’s very similar to Metro Chic by Sephora by OPI in terms of color, it’s just in eye shadow form. I experienced no sort of chalkiness or anything, which is nice considering it’s a matte color. 
The color applied smoothly, creamily and at just one swipe onto the skin for a swatch, it clearly swatched really nicely. 
Inglot Eye Shadow 460 D.S. 
I think the D.S. stands for Double Sparkle. Nonetheless, this is another slightly purple tinted brown with a gold sparkle shot through it. The base color of this is warmer, and slightly darker than the previous shadow. The gold sparkle definitely shows up which is nice because lots of brands have colors like this but the glitter doesn’t show up at all. 
Inglot Eye Shadow 420 Pearl

420 is a frosty light plummy taupe. It reminds me a bit of Hypnotizing by Mac, which is one of my favorite colors. This is more frosty than Hypnotizing though.
This shadow was very very soft. It really only needs the lightest touch when using it, both when getting the product on the brush and when applying it onto the eye.

Inglot Eye Shadow 434 Pearl

This is a darker, frosty taupe color. It actually swatches darker than I thought. Darker and very pigmented. It’s quite smokey. I didn’t think it was going to be.
It’s great in the crease.

Inglot Eye Shadow 444 Pearl
I apparently didn’t take a photo of this pan, so when I do I will update this post. You get a picture of the back of the pan instead.
This is a warmer taupe color, also with a frosty finish. It’s lighter that 434, and warmer than Mac’s Satin Taupe.
Inglot Eye Shadow 363 Matte

This is a warmer, browner matte color than the previous 2 mattes I have in this palette. It reminds me a little of Copperplate and Concrete by Mac. They’re not exactly the same, but they’re in the same color family.
As with the other 2, they’re very soft and very pigmented. I credit Inglot very much for having very little to no chalkiness in the matte shadows that I purchased from them. They’re amazing.

Inglot Eye Shadow 326 Matte

Another matte, this is a truer brown than the others. It’s a midtoned, neutral brown. Great for creasework. Great for neutral and smokey looks. I’ve used this to line the eyes too. It’s versatile and better than the other matte brown shadows I have.

Inglot Eye Shadow 423 Pearl

This is one of my favorites in the group. It’s a warmer frosty brown color. With fall, this is the perfect color to warm up the eyes as well as go a little dark if needed. It’s way soft and way pigmented compared to the other shadows.

Inglot Eye Shadow 446 Pearl
Again, I apologize for the lack of swatch photo… I don’t know where it went. This is a dark plummy purple frost color. Not much else to say… definitely a color I gravitate towards, in a finish I gravitate towards. Not as strong as the other ones in terms of pigmentation, but still on par with a good Mac eye shadow.
Inglot Eye Shadow 419 Pearl

This is a slightly more unusual color in that it’s got some olive tones to it. It’s a frosty, golden eye shadow other wise. Another strongly pigmented color.

All the shadows swatched.
The other colors were more bright… again they were mostly blue and green. 

Most people buy brights from Inglot, as they have such a huge selection of shadows to choose from, especially in matte form.

Inglot Eye Shadow 322 Matte

Bright bright blue matte. Much more vibrant than any matte color that I’ve swatched from high end brands.

Inglot Eye Shadow 604 D.S.

Bright turquoise with silver sparkles dispersed throughout it. Love that the silver sparkles show up really nicely.

Inglot Eye Shadow 338 Matte

Bright light teal matte eyeshadow. I can not tell you how excited I am to find this color. It’s PERFECT. I’ve been dying for something like this, with good quality pigmentation.

Inglot Eye Shadow 320 Matte

Dark bluish green. Very oceany. If I had Plumage by Mac, I’d compare them, because I’d imagine they’re very similar.

Inglot Eye Shadow 321 Matte
Dark purple-ish blue. 

I said navy in the video, but it’s slightly more purple than a true navy.

Inglot Eye Shadow 412 Pearl
Apparently there was something wrong with me the day I did photos for this haul. I’m missing so many photos :/
This is a slightly olivey golden eyeshadow with a frost finish. It’s not as green as Mac’s Golden Olive, and not as intensely shiny as that. This is a softer frost and a much more gentle golden olive color.
Inglot Eye Shadow 385 Matte
Matte, vibrant green. It’s got the slightest hint of blue. Like Shamrock crayon by Crayola (lol, yes I’m likening colors to Crayola colors again). I don’t quite know what I’m going to do with this yet, as I realized that I bought a lot of bright, matte colors, and I don’t always use bright matte colors. Oh well, lol.
Inglot Eye Shadow 372 Matte

This is a lighter, more pastel version of the previous color (whose swatch you can see at the edge of the swatch photo above). It swatches lighter than it looks in the pan. Not significantly though.

Inglot Eye Shadow 418 Pearl
Dark, warm green frost. This has a nice, lighter green sheen that I don’t have in any other green shadows with this base. Normally they go golden with the sheen. Not this one. 
Inglot Eye Shadow 414 Pearl

This is a cooler, darker green. Much like Antique Green pigment by Mac. Also has a very gentle green sheen to it, making it less bold and abrasive in terms of color and what you can pair it with.

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