I was beyond excited when I realized I could get my hands on the China Glaze holiday colors while I was buying my halloween colors.
China Glaze seems to always have a 50/50 feel with their holiday collection – half of it is boring, standard cremes in standard colors, then the other half always seems to be super unique whether it be in different colors and sizes, or a new take on something classic (like last year’s metallic red with holo glitter dispersed throughout it). 
I bought these on Amazon (just by searching polish names) but I’ve seen them on etailers already as well so they’re fully available.
Regularly, China Glaze is also available at Ulta and Sally’s Beauty Supply, so if you’d like to see them in person before purchasing, then that’s where you’d have the best luck seeing them in person.
I think the holiday stuff is supposed to come out late October/early November.
As for the Halloween polishes, there were 2 unique, 1 meh and a glow in the dark. I didn’t really need a glow in the dark because it wasn’t colored (just that standard white creme yellow glowy color), and the “meh” color was just a dark dark purple creme (along the lines of OPI Lincoln Park After Dark).
The 2 I did end up getting though were the 2 glitters that were in the mini collection.
I for the first time didn’t have any bad notes about the formula in any of these polishes. There’s always one polish that isn’t as good as the others, but this time, all of them were great.
China glaze polishes retail for between $3 and $6 depending where you get them.
More photos and swatches are after the jump!

 Ring In The Red
This is interestingly unique when it comes to red glitter. I never thought there would be so many different ways to do a red glitter polish but, low and behold, here’s another one.
This is a light red jelly base, with lots of small red microglitter, and then bigger rounder red glitter pieces. It’s good for both layering and wearing on it’s own, as after 3 coats it’s not too thick.

 In case you were wondering, this is how it compares to other red glitters:

Ring In The Red / Nubar Fire Sparkle / China Glaze Ruby Pumps / OPI Smitten With Mittens

Twinkle Lights
This is a very Christmassy glitter that doesn’t focus on red and green but on gold. All the glitter in this polish are all the same size. There’s mostly gold, but also red and green glitter in it that make it so festive without being an overload of festivity. 
This one layers well as well as also wears on its own quite nicely like Ring In The Red. It’d look great over a black or white, or green, or red, or any holiday color but also layers and doesn’t look heavy if you use multiple coats.

There isn’t anything similar to it in my collection, although the formula is similar to last year’s OPI Burlesque color Sparkle-iscious. I tried comparing it to a different gold glitter as well, and again, totally different. Take a look:

Twinkle Lights / China Glaze Cleopatra / OPI Sparkle-iscious

Snow Globe
This is a clear base with differently shaped opalescent glitters, basically like that of what you’d see in a snow globe. 
Very much like the Deborah Lippmann polish I just posted about, this reflects really differently in different lighting.

Again, I think this would look better layered over something instead of on it’s own. It’s so so sheer. The glitter is sheer, the base is clear. But I think it’d look lovely over white, like snow, and very cool over black.

 Here it is compared with Deborah Lippman’s Stairway To Heaven:

China Glaze Snow Globe / Deborah Lippman Stairway To Heaven

Tinsel Town
This is a light, graphite base with graphite colored micro glitter and silver pieces of bigger glitter. Very interesting, and glitzy. It’s a fun take on the ever so popular gunmetal color that’s been seen everywhere in every different finish. It hasn’t been seen like this before though.

This one would probably not do so well layered over something else because of how intensely the glitter shines. On it’s own it does gloriously though. It’s perfect for a night out.

Glittering Garland
I originally was slightly hesitant to buy this polish because I thought it’d be to similar to Emerald Sparkle. Although it’s not similar at all, I did manage to find a dupe for it.

Glittering Garland is a dark, rich green with a glass fleck shimmer to it. I would probably do 3 coats of this, because it was slightly patchy at 2 coats, and the depth of the color just becomes so much more enchanting with 3 coats.

As I had just said, I was thinking that it would be close to Emerald Sparkle, but it’s really not. Emerald Sparkle is a dark green jelly with dark green glitter and it dries gritty.
The dupe I did find though was Orly’s Meet Me Under The Mistletoe. My bottle of Orly’s Meet Me Under The Mistletoe swatches so closely to China Glaze’s Glittering Garland that it’s safe to say both of my bottles are dupes.
I have googled a bit, and some people have swatches that make the colors look very different from each other. But, as far as I can tell in person, they’re so so so similar.
If there are differences, Orly’s is slightly bluer, and the shimmer in the China Glaze is slightly golder.
China Glaze Glittering Garland / China Glaze Emerald Sparkle / Orly Meet Me Under The Mistletoe
China Glaze Glittering Garland / China Glaze Emerald Sparkle / Orly Meet Me Under The Mistletoe

This is one of the 2 halloween polishes I got. It’s a black base with lots of very visible silver micro glitter infused into it. It’s similar to Finger Sweets’ City lights, but it’s got much more of an intense silver glitter.
This applied amazingly. It’s good to go in 2 coats, which I have found is rare for any sort of black polish.
It does dry slightly gritty but a good top coat will fix that.

It’s Alive
This is the last polish I have for you and it’s the other halloween polish I have. It’s a zombie green jelly base with lots of the same green micro glitter and bigger pieces of glitter the same color. I am in love with this polish. It’s so so different to all the other polishes this color that are available and it applies wonderfully as well.
This too dries grittily so again, a top coat is needed.

And in case you were wondering if it was close to Zombie Zest from last year, it’s not. It’s completely different:

China Glaze It’s Alive / China Glaze Zombie Zest

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