So I used one of my August Birchbox items, the Monoi Hair Mask. I love me a good hair mask – especially since it’s fall, the dry season is over and I’m getting back into deep conditioning and re-treating my hair.
I also started to swim again, just for general fitness. And chlorine? AWFUL. I forgot how much I truly hate the feeling of chlorine and the smell of it in hair. So I decided after my first day that I was going to break out the hair mask and give it a go.
Before I get into the review, I do want to say that I got out of the pool, drove home and had my hair pretty damp still with chlorine water when I put the product in my hair. That I’m sure will definitely have an effect on how the product works and such.
The sample I got of it actually comes with quite a bit of product. It’s a thick conditioning creme formula, like a lot of hair masks are. And if you squeeze out all the little bits, then you get a big handful of product. In fact if you have short hair, you’d get more than 1 use of it. I have a lot of hair so I had the perfect amount for my hair.
It’s scented very pleasantly like gardenia, and the scent lingers for a while, not just in your hair but also on your hands. I still get little whiffs of it on my pillows.
I had left it in my hair for about an hour because again, I had come straight from the pool. After I watched a full episode of CSI, I washed it out in the shower.
While washing it out my hair felt smoother but also just stronger. I combed through my hair with my fingers and it didn’t feel like I was tugging on my hair, like it normally does when I wash my hair after getting out the pool.
I was using a swimming specific shampoo, if anybody wants to know, and conditioner after I washed it out and also mixed in some of my macadamia nut oil into the conditioner.
This will also have an effect on how hair feels after getting out of the shower. Luckily, I have used those three products together before without having a hair mask in before it so I could for sure feel a difference in my hair while washing it.
I let my hair air dry after getting out of the shower, and then went to work where my hair continued to dry in a braid.
After I got home, there was about 4 hours before I went to sleep and combed through my hair one last time. My hair at that point was delightfully soft and healthy feeling and again, the gardenia scent was still lingering around.
There were some claims on the packaging like “will noticeably reduce split ends” and such. I don’t know if that’s true, but I can for sure tell you it made my hair feel stronger, look slightly shinier, and smell amazingly.
The full sized of this can be purchased at hair specialty stores (is what I’m guessing) as well as on the Birchbox website.

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