I went to Rite Aid and CVS and picked up a few things – mostly nail polish, but also some blushes. I’ve been wanting to expand my drugstore collection, since I have mostly have non-drugstore products, in both nail polish and makeup form.
First I went to Rite Aid and picked up the jack-o-lantern polishes that I had looked for last year, but hadn’t gotten because they were always sold out. I also picked up some of the Project Runway L’Oreal products, and then some of the Revlon polishes for this year. I then went to CVS and got a Milani blush… My CVS NEVER has Milani blushes in stock, and I’m still trying to get a hold of the Milani Baked Blushes so this is a start to that.
I then picked up an OPI Gold Shatter and then a while back I got Chanel’s Graphite, but I never officially included it into a post.
Photos are after the jump 🙂

Rite Aid Jack-O-Lantern Glow In The Dark Polishes
These don’t have a real name, and are pretty sheer so they’re really just meant to be layered. The glitter does show up nicely though. 
This one is a standard “glow in the dark” color – if you buy any product that isn’t specifically colored that is glow in the dark, it’s the same as this: an off white, yellow tinted color. You can swatch it over white if you wish, but the color of this won’t show up that well still.

The color on this one shows up a little better, and the glitter in this is slightly different as it leans a little green. The face on the bottle is slightly different than the yellow as well.
I’m not going to lie, I bought these mostly for decoration. They’re cute, and I could totally just have these around without using them forever. 

This is a pale, milky blue with a slightly blue glitter. The color on this shows up probably as well as the green. If this was layered over a white, it would show up pretty will I think.
You’d have to layer about 3 or 4 coats though so if you don’t mind a slightly thicker feeling nail, then it’ll work out nicely for you.

The new Revlon fall polishes were available at the drugstore as well.
I had seen these before but didn’t buy them for whatever reason. I bought all three though and am quite pleased with them. They’re quite unique for drugstore. You don’t see multiple sized glitter in higher end brands so to see them done well with a drugstore product is quite pleasing.
There are 3 in the collection – Facets of Fuchsia, Starry Pink and Blue Mosaic. 
Facets of Fuchsia
This is the rumored Deborah Lippmann Bad Romance dupe. I’ve seen swatches and they do look very very similar, I think the Lippmann’s glitter comes out a little better. I will eventually purchase one but until then I have this baby to keep me satisfied.
Facets of Fuchsia is a dark jelly base, black or possibly dark purple, with a bright purple glitter. There are 2 different sized glitters – small and large hexagonal shapes. It’s pretty opaque. 2 coats does a pretty good job. I’d do 3 though.

Starry Pink
This is a light, lilac base with silver glitter. There’s also small and large pieces of glitter in this polish as well.
I unexpectedly fell in love with this polish – it’s a very cute, adorable color. It wasn’t something that I was originally going to purchase but I’m glad I did because when I swatched it it was beautiful. Very cute and holiday like. 

Blue Mosaic
I have this on my nails right now. It’s a super glitter in that it has a lot of very small light blue glitter, then large silver and green pieces in it. It builds wonderfully and has actually worn pretty great on my nails. It’s lasted on my nails for about 4 days without any chipping and minor tip wear.
This one layers pretty great as well. 2 coats gets a pretty dense glitter, and 3 just perfects it.

Night Owl
I hadn’t heard very much about this collection so when I saw it I was pleasantly pleased with the polish when I looked at it closer.
It’s a dark base with a fantastic olive green glass fleck shimmer. Opaque in 2 coats.

Milani Minerals Blush – Luminous
This is a very soft, pigmented golden peach blush. The gold sheen comes through pretty strongly. Very pretty. Wears pretty wonderfully on the skin and stays put pretty nicely.

L’Oreal Project Runway Super Blendable Blush – 425 Charming Cockatoo
First off, the pan and the amount you get is fantastic. Best deal at the drugstore. It comes with 10g and the face of the pan is huge. I’m a fan. Keep this up L’Oreal!
Secondly, this blush really is super blendable and is very soft. It’s a slightly pinker blush than Luminous. It’s warm and has a slight gold sheen.

OPI Gold Shatter
I didn’t have anywhere to put these last two polishes, so I included them here.
My beauty supply store ordered this for me. It’s a warmer gold coin styled gold in the same shatter formula that is super popular.
It shatters the same amount as the silver – for an opaque color you need a thick coat which will lead to thick pieces.

Chanel Graphite
I never officially made a post about Chanel Graphite (in a haul post I mean) but I did have a NOTW post of it so you can see all the details there.
It’s gorgeous though and has tons of reflective glass fleck shimmer in it.

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