I bought a bunch of products from E.L.F. at Target since they can be such a great buy so inexpensively. 
My favorite part of E.L.F. is probably their line of black handled brushes – they’re pretty good considering they’re all $3 each.
The eyelashes are all pretty natural and are also only $3.
The eyelash curler, also $3.
And the blush, $3.
Fantastic, huh?
As far as I know, E.L.F. is only found at Target – they also have eye shadows, liners and lip glosses. Pretty solid line, still very small though.
Photos are after the jump!

Candid Coral Blush
This blush is a slightly orangey gold sheen blush. It wears very nicely and is pretty pigmented. More than anything it highlights my skin, than deposits color. Still, it’s pretty soft and blendable. 

I had wanted to get a new eyelash curler for a while, but didn’t want to spend more than $10 on one. Luckily, the E.L.F. one exists!
It’s pretty soft, and very easy to use. The spring is tight so it bounces very nicely, and I’ve found that it helps you make sure you don’t over crimp your lashes. It also comes with a replacement rubber piece. It’s worked great for me so far and fits on my eye shape perfectly.

I’m always on the hunt for good, inexpensive lashes, so this was also a pleasant surprise when I was at the E.L.F. stand.
They have two types, a wispy type and a straight edge, tapered type.
They’re flexible, and they’re comfortable on the eye. It comes with a glue tube, but I’ve just been using my duo glue.

They’re a little long, so I might trim them a little to fit better, but they still look nice.

I’ve LOVED these brushes so far.
They’re all soft, and don’t bleed a lot of dye, like the Sigma brushes. I love the Sigma brushes, after I’ve mostly gotten over my first impression of the packaging, the brushes themselves have proved themselves to me and have worked great for me. They do still leak ink when I wash them but it could be worse.
These brushes though work great. They’re dense, soft and don’t bleed.
The blush brush is a smaller, angled brush. Not the standard round fluffy brush, but a flatter, pointed brush.
My favorite of them is the flat topped powder brush. I used it for foundation and it works wonderfully and feels amazingly on my face.
The angled eyeliner brush is good if you like angled eyeliner brushes. I prefer the straight ones. It works fine though.
The “c” shaped paddle brush is a fluffier, bigger paddle brush much like the Sigma 239, instead of the Mac 239. 

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