Post #2 for my official Nail Polish Comparisons blog series – again, I’ve decided to start swatching all of the like-colored polishes together to see how they compare.
Today’s post is metallic reds – both dark and on the lighter side. The first 3 are all dark, metallic wine reds. Vampy and very fall appropriate. Fall to Christmas actually.

From left to right I have Zoya’s Blair, OPI’s Sanguine (from a halloween pack) and OPI’s Glove You So Much from the 2009 Holiday Collection.
All three are very similar, they have a deep metallic finish with different tones of red shining through.
Blair and GYSM are probably the closest, where as Sanguine is much blacker. It seems more like a black base with lots of metallic red pigment packed in. It makes Blair and GYSM look slightly bluer in person, more wine-y.

Left to Right (natural light):
Blair / Sanguine / Glove You So Much
Left to Right (with flash):
Blair / Sanguine / Glove You So Much

With flash, it’s more evident that Blair and GYSM are closer in color than with Sanguine. Again, Sanguine just seems like a black base with red pigment mixed in.
All three of these was with 3 coats and no base or top coat.

The next three are colors that are more different in texture, and I’ve included just to see in comparison to the other polishes above.
I have China Glaze’s Sugar Plums from last year’s holiday collection, Zoya’s Kym and Zoya’s Isla.

Sugar Plums is a dark wine metallic red with glitter. It dries gritty. I apologize that it looks gross on my finger. But that’s what it looks like when it doesn’t have a base or top coat. It’s probably the darkest of all the polishes included in the red metallics comparison.
Kym is a lighter, orangier red with a shimmer finish. I say metallic in this post sort of freely – I guess technically, metallic is like the foil finish colors that you see often in silver or gold shades. To me that’s foil. Shimmer is what most people refer to as the colors at the first part of this post, but to me, that’s metallic. And Kym doesn’t really fall in standard finish definitions, but to me it’s “shimmer”. So yeah, if that wasn’t confusing, kudos to you. Anyways, Kym is orangier than the other reds I have and has a shimmer finish. It’s almost slightly brown.
Isla is a lighter, more pure red metallic color. Finish wise it’s the same as the first 3 polishes.

Left to Right (natural light):
Sugar Plums / Kym / Isla

Left to Right (with flash):
Sugar Plums / Kym / Isla

All three of those was 3 coats and with no base or top coat.
Zoya colors can be purchased at Ulta and on the Zoya website. OPI can be purchased (their permanent colors anyways) at Ulta and at salons. China Glaze can be found at Ulta and Sally’s.

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