I’ve decided to start doing nail polish comparison posts because as much as I love nail polish, I have quite a few dupes. That, and I’m always on the search for other, more affordable dupes of polishes that have been long discontinued.
This was inspired by the fact that I found Smitten with Mittens by OPI at CVS, and was so excited by it because it was a holiday color and was super limited edition, thus I’m starting with red glitters. I have quite a few different colors that I want to go through (holographic glitters, corals, teals for example) and will try and incorporate a lot of limited edition colors that people are still looking for.
Because this is a comparisons video, it’s going to be quite photo heavy, so be prepared for that lol.
Otherwise, this is going to be pretty straight forward. I used 4 coats of all the colors (to make sure they’re all super opaque, and because a lot of them are jelly finishes so a lot of coats are needed to get it opaque), with no base coat or top coat, to get the full effect of the color without any enhancements to see the texture and finish in its truest form.
More photos and swatches are after the jump 🙂

On my left hand, I grouped all the darker reds, with no extra colors involved – i.e. no duochrome.
On my thumb is OPI’s “Ali’s Big Break” (ABB) from Holiday 2010. Index finger is OPI’s “Smitten with Mittens” (SWM) from Holiday 2009. Middle finger is China Glaze’s “Ruby Pumps” (RP). Ring finger is Orly’s “Star Spangled” (SS). Pinky is Zoya’s “Sarah” from Fire & Ice. 
ABB, RP and SS all have the same base color – it’s a lighter red than SWM and Sarah. Of the 5 in the photo, RP and SS are the closest, essentially dupe-worthy. They are both red jelly polishes with small red glitter infused into it. RP has slightly chunkier pieces of glitter.
China Glaze Ruby Pumps / Orly Star Spangled
ABB has more of a glass fleck style glitter. The glitter itself is also not a red glitter, like RP and SS, and is more of a lighter red, and looks pink in the bottle.
OPI Ali’s Big Break
Sarah and SWM are probably the closest but are really very different polishes. Sarah is a glass fleck styled glitter. It has the closest base color to SWM, but the glitter is all different. Sarah’s glitter is smaller, again glass fleck styled, and not only gold but has hints of red and possibly magenta. 
SWM is just a dark red jelly, with beautiful gold glitter in it. It’s layers wonderfully in that the top layer the gold is visible, but on the bottom layers, the gold glitter shines through the red to make it look like it’s a red glitter base. 
Zoya Sarah / OPI Smitten with Mittens
Closer photo of SWM, RP, SS and Sarah:
Here are bottle pictures of all the polishes:
OPI Ali’s Big Break

OPI Smitten with Mittens

China Glaze Ruby Pumps

Orly Star Spangled

Zoya Sarah
On my right hand (I’m sorry for the messy nails. It was taken right after it was dry) I compared all the red glitters in my collection with some sort of duochrome or extra color involved. I have 4 of those – On my pinky is Zoya’s Kimmy from Sunshine, on my ring finger is OPI’s The Show Must Go On from Burlesque (SMGO), on my middle finger is Mac’s Bad Fairy (BF) from Venomous Villains, and on my index finger is Zoya’s Reva also from Sunshine. 
Looking at the photo above, it’s clear that none of them are really similar to each other at all, so I don’t have individual nail photos to compare next to each other. I do have bottle photos though.
I think what I was most looking for on these comparisons was a polish similar to the Mac polish because it was so limited and very sought after. 
All four of these polishes have a glass-fleck glitter finish, and have somewhat similar colors within them, just not in the same way if that makes sense.
All of them go from warm to cool – as in there’s a range from orange to magenta in all of them. Just none of them reflect in the same way as the others.
Reva is the most orange, Kimmy is the pinkest, BF is the darkest and has the most duochrome, and SMGO was the closest to BF. 
Compared to SMGO, BF has bigger pieces and also goes on slightly sheerer. BF definitely has a golden shine at different angles, and changes the most, whereas SMGO stays closer to the color it applies as, which is a midtone cool red.
Zoya Reva

OPI The Show Must Go On

Mac Bad Fairy

Zoya Kimmy
Orly’s Star Spangled, and the Zoya colors can still be easily found. I see SS at CVS all the time and Zoya can be purchased online at their website or at Ulta. China Glaze Ruby Pumps is also easily found at Ulta, Sally’s and other China Glaze retailers.

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