I’m excited to talk about something new to me, the Julep Maven program. It’s very much like the Birchbox system, in that it’s a monthly subscription and you get a box filled with goodies.
Unlike the Birchboxes though, which give you deluxe sample sizes of a wide array of products, the Julep Maven boxes come with a few full sized products, all having to do with nail polish and nail care.
I had seen ads for Julep before – always next to YouTube videos. I’ve never actually seen another Julep Maven video before though so I feel like it’s definitely something that’s not on a lot of people’s radar, especially those who are nail polish crazy like I am. I first read about it on Beautylish and was instantly intrigued by the idea (another reason why I love going on Beautylish).
In order to become a Maven, all you have to do is take a free quiz on their site, then they match you to a style and based on that style they will send you boxes every month.
It costs $20 a month, which is not bad considering each nail polish is already $14. The full cost of all the products in my box this month adds up to more than $50 so really, you’re getting like 3 free items. 
Another neat thing about Julep Mavens is that you get a box every month, but you can request a “shelf pull” to get a different box if you don’t like the first one, or you can send it to a friend directly. 
One of my favorite things about this company is that in a lot of your purchases, the company will donate $1 from every nail color item to organizations that support women through their Powered by Girlfriends program. I’m all for shopping, but when part of it goes to a good cause, it’s even better.
I talk more thoroughly about the program in the video (below) but I’ll also link the FAQ page for the Maven Program.
Julep products can be purchased here, on their website.
Below are more photos of the packaging and then I have swatches and photos of the individual items.
First off, I’d like to just add that it’s always nice to see hand written details/personally signed items in things that are mass produced like this. I don’t actually know how many boxes they put together in a day, but most companies just mass print letters like the ones included in the boxes.
Like Birchbox, there’s a little card that describes the box’s contents and how to use them.
There was also a letter introducing me to the Maven program and then some of the benefits. Very nice touch.
The products I got in my box this time were 2 nail polishes, a nail therapy, a full sized Glycolic Hand Scrub and then 2 samples of hand scrub and lotion.
The design of everything is very simple but still very designed. It’s nice to see something with an artistic side in a field that has so much potential for having an artistic side.
The nail polish was wrapped in pink tissue paper. The bottles themselves are thin, rectangular bottles with the brand name on one side, their signature brush stroke on one side, a blank side, and product information on the last side.
The Glycolic Hand Scrub and samples came in white and black packaging, having their brush stroke icon on them. 
Keep reading for more photos and swatches!

Glycolic Hand Scrub – $32
I have one or two hand scrubs but they’re both sugar scrubs. They aren’t chemical scrubs. I’ve never really intensively used hand treatments before… I do lotions and creams but haven’t quite ventured into the full on hand treatments.
Nail Polishes – $14 each

Above you can see the different sides of the polish bottles I described earlier in the post. I’ve said this before, and I’ll say it again, it’s so nice to have bottles that will sit and not roll away while you photograph them.
These bottles hold less polish then the standard 15 ml of product, this has 8 ml. It is pricey for less amount of product, I’m not going to lie. They are fairly pigmented products though. They’re along the lines of the Rescue Beauty Lounge products in that they’re great products but can be steep if you mind the price you pay (which at this point I’ve gotten a little numb to).

This is a metallic purpley gray color. It’s very unique and that’s saying something since I have about 70 purple nail polishes. Because it’s a metallic, you will see brush strokes in the polish after it’s dry – it’s the same with all polishes with this finish. It’s fairly pigmented though as you can see, 1 coat is almost enough, 2 is more than enough, 3 is pretty over kill.
This is a bubblegum pink creme. Lovely and buttery and pigmented. It’s very easy to apply and is very pink. The swatch below shows how not necessary 3 coats is. And look, at 1 coat you can barely see patchiness or through the swatch. It’s pretty amazing, considering pinks don’t go strongly on like some other colors do.
Both Alfre and Carrie had average drying times.

Nail Therapy – $16
I don’t actually know what this is for… I had assumed it was either a base or top coat. It says you can use it as a base coat, but that it also nourishes nails so you can use it alone. So it’s… a multitasker. 
Overall, I think the Julep Maven monthly subscription is completely worth it. Part of the proceeds go to a good cause, you get full sized items, and for somebody that’s obsessed with nail polish, getting 2 or 3 full sized nail polishes that originally cost $14 for only $20? That’s a steal. 
Honestly, I think it’s totally worth it that you all sign up 🙂

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