This was my second ever trip to Sally’s. The first time around was when I was first getting into makeup and nail polish – I was on the hunt for OPI and went into Sally’s and just kind of walked out. I didn’t find OPI therefore I didn’t need to be there.
Little did I know there was a whole treasure of items in there when it came to nail polish – China Glaze, for 1, then Orly, Finger Paints (which I just learned about) and a whole bunch of nail art stuff.
I had been meaning to go back for the longest time because of all of that. Ulta also sells Orly (as does CVS) and China Glaze. But I had never seen Finger Paints in store before.
So walking into Sally’s, the second time around, almost 2 years after the first time, I had a mission in mind to go browse through the China Glaze and the Orly and the nail products. Then I saw the Finger Paints and it was a whole new game.
I had been wondering where Finger Paints was sold, and was curious to explore the brand further, so this was like the best discovery in a while.
More info and photos are after the jump! Click the link!

First thing I bought was a double sided nail art tool. One side has a dotting tool and one side has a brush. I’ve been using bobby pins and an old paint brush for a while, but the old paint brush wasn’t meant for nail polish and the bobby pins were getting lost so I’ve been unbending like tens of them. I’ve run out to put in my hair!
This was super inexpensive – not more than $5 I think. It was actually kind of hard to find, at least in my Sally’s so I had to search a little bit.
It’s a great tool though and has made nail art so easy!
So Easy Stripe Right nail art stripers
I’ve also decided to experiment with nail stripers to see if nail art is any easier with these. I got white and black to start with just because they’re kind of standard nail art colors. This brand has a whole range (probably about 20) colors in different finishes and textures. These weren’t very expensive either, at about $4 a piece.
The brushes in the bottle are a very long very flexible brush. I have yet to play around with them – I didn’t expect them to be so long but I guess it makes sense since they’re called “stripers” haha.
China Glaze Fast Forward Top Coat
I’ve heard quite a bit about this top coat and decided just to try it out.
It’s not bad. It dries fast. It’s pretty shiny… it just has a weird smell to it. It’s not normal nail polish smell. It’s almost like it’s got an added cherry component to it. And I really… I can’t stand it. I don’t know what it is, I don’t know why it smells different, I just can’t handle it. Which is weird because normal nail polish smell is like… calming for me lol. Just this is more chemically and has a weird stinging effect for me at the back of my throat and I just can’t handle it.
It’s a good product though. If scents don’t bother you, then I would recommend it since it is more inexpensive than the Seche Vite.
Orly “Shine On Crazy Diamond”
This is a holographic glitter loosely dispersed within a clear base. It’s not heavily packed like a lot of top coats can be, which can actually kind of be a pain when you layer it. 
This is perfect for layering for that reason, and would be awful to wear on it’s own. The glitter pieces themselves aren’t very small. They’re actually on the bigger side.
As you can see even if you layer 3 coats (bottom of swatch) the glitter still isn’t dense enough to get a good coverage of glitter, thus great for layering and really not that great for use on it’s own.
China Glaze Tree Hugger
This caught my eye in the store because it was very bright and pretty and it wasn’t a China Glaze color I had ever seen before.
It’s a lime green with a tad of frost to it (not at all super frost, just slight) with a slight emerald green shimmer to it. It’s quite pretty and quite unique. 
It’s fairly pigmented as well, a 2-coater as far as I’m concerned. 
I’m glad that the emerald shimmer shows up really nicely in real life as well. Some polishes like this, the shimmer is non-existent out of the bottle. That’s probably one of my favorite characteristics of China Glaze, when they put a shimmer in it, the majority of the time it will show up.
Orly Meet Me Under The Mistletoe
I’m only appropriately going to assume that this was part of a holiday collection. It’s gorgeous though. It’s a deep emerald green with lighter green and gold glass fleck shimmer in it.
It’s got a slightly bluish base to it, but when layered, it turns into a very very deep emerald. This is definitely something I’m going to start wearing soon because it works great for the holidays but also works great for fall, since it’s a darker color.
China Glaze Watermelon Rind
This color has actually been on my radar for quite some time. It’s a dark blue-green with shimmer.
It’s not as dark and opaque as I thought it was going to be. It’s fine on it’s own but I have a feeling that things will layer over it very very nicely. 
I also have a lot of plans for nail art with this, both using it for actual nail art and layering Konads on top of it. I love that when it’s at 3 or more coats the green gets super deep as well, and looks almost jelly-like. Very pretty and definitely unique to my collection.

Finger Paints “Easely Entertained”
I would first like to mention how much I love the punny word play in the Finger Paints names. I like that they use art terms (most likely because the brand is called Finger Paints). It’s unique.
This glitter is a dark prupley blue color. Like the other Finger Paints glitter I have, the glitter is very finely milled, and very reminiscent of the Nubar glitters that I love so much.
They build pretty nicely, and don’t feel overly clumpy on the nail. It does have some grit to it after it’s dry, as all glitters do. A good top coat will fix that. 
My favorite part though is that this is not a conventional color when it comes to polish colors, glitter or not. Not a lot of companies make blurples like this. They either go way blue or way purple. Very fun.
Finger Paints “Hue Left A Message”
This is a paler pink glitter. Again, I like that this isn’t a conventional pink, especially when it comes to glitter. A lot of pink glitters lean on either bright pink or magenta. This is definitely a pale, sort of blush pink which isn’t something I have a lot of, or really any of, in my collection.
I feel like this sort of color is definitely wearable at work. You probably all feel very wrong about wearing glitter to work, but it’s not like this is a big, chunky glitter. This is a very fine glitter in a very non-offensive shade of pink.
This one builds nicely as well. When dry it also has a gritty texture.

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