Last place I went in my large haulage, was Mac Pro. There’s a Mac Pro in San Francisco, which is apparently the only Mac Pro in the pacific north west.
I mainly went to pick up some shadows that you can actually get in a regular Mac store, but also went to pick up one giveaway item (which I also bought 1 for myself). Then I just explored the store and bought a couple of other items.
I also bought one other item, right when Mac Me Over came out and it was a Mac 226. I didn’t add a photo of it after the jump because you can see it above, and it’s not that interesting.
It didn’t warrant it’s own post though as it was the only thing I bought from the new collection. It’s basically a small 224, with a slightly more precise point. Sigma does make a brush very very similar to it though and you can purchase it here.

First off, I have lost my photo of Fig. 1, which is one of the shadows I got. It’s a redder purple, Matte Squared color. I’m adding this note here because it’s a redder purple, but on the same scale (on the lightness darkness line) as the shadow below:
Pro e/s “Indian Ink”
This is a matte purple with obvious blue tones to it. It’s not too chalky as some matte shadows can be. It fits very nicely in my now full purple palette.
It’s a pro only color, so you can’t get this in regular Mac stores. You can call Mac Pro (the number is on their website) and anybody can purchase from it though. 

The rest of the shadows I got are Matte2 Colors (or Matte Squared, since I can’t figure out how to make the 2 go up). It’s a dark gray matte and is very creamy and soft and pigmented. I can’t wait to use this for smokey eyes without going too dark and using black.

This is one of my favorites of the bunch, it’s a brownish gray color and depending on what you use it with it will look either more brown or more gray. It’s like a lighter color, slightly more gray version, of Concrete, which is a matte brownish taupey gray color.
Blanc Type
This I photographed in the palette since it’s so light it would look sort of non existent with a white background. It’s a very light, slightly pink skin tone color. Great as a highlight if you’re looking for a non-shimmery highlight.
This is a nice neutral brown color. It’s on the warm side, just not too warm. I have been on the search for a good matte brown just to add to the crease to deepen daytime looks. This is just a good solid color to have.

Brown Script
This is a warm, reddish brown color. It’s not a color that I would usually wear, so really I got it just to complete the set. Bad habit, I know, especially because I do spend a lot of money. I’m just one of those “complete the set” sorts. This is the last available matte squared shadow in the collection currently.
I did just use this in a tutorial though. I again, didn’t think I’d use this all that often but look! I did haha.
Fig. 1 / Blanc Type / Brown Script
Indian Ink / Typographic / Copperplate / Handwritten

Reflects Red / Reflects White Gold Glitters
I picked up 2 glitters. One I went and bought just for a tutorial, the other I just picked up 2 of because I fell in love with it. I have one saved for a giveaway 😉
The Red glitter is just a beautifully bold, true red. The glitter bits are a bit bigger than the Reflects glitters.
The White Gold is a transparent glitter that reflects gold (obv). 
The Reflects Glitter line is one of my favorites when it comes to glitter in any formula.

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