Photos from the big haul video that will be posted right after these posts.
I went to CVS and Walgreens and picked up a few items – refills and new items.
First couple of things that I picked up were just essentials – rubbing alcohol for pressing pigments, cleaning brushes. Dove deoderant because it’s my favorite. Neutrogena removing towelettes in “Night Calming” because those are my favorite of the Neutrogena brand. I like how they smell in comparison to the other ones.
The rest of the items in this post are things I’m actually pretty excited about. I got some great items – I love going to the drugstore and finding treasures. It’s for sure more gratifying than a good find at the drugstore. It’s too bad really, how low people’s expectations are at the drugstore. But that’s a whole other day’s topic.
There are more photos and swatches after the jump… and I’m excited about all of them so please click the link! Enjoy!

Maybelline Eye Studio Quads
These are the new fall limited edition quads by Maybelline. Amarixe first mentioned one, Strut It Suede (which I bought) because she used it in a tutorial. It looked pretty decent so I went looking for it. Then Eshani (TotalMakeupJunkie101) tweeted a picture of them and they had great pigmentation so I went back and picked up 1 more from the limited edition line and then 1 from the permanent line. The other limited edition one (I thought I picked up 3 of 4, but I really only picked up 2 of 4… I’ll explain down below) has a turquoise color amongst some neutrals, and I didn’t get it because Maybelline already has a quad like that which I own. I also didn’t see it when I went back for it and had that point forgotten what it had looked like so I was clearly not too concerned about it anyways.
My only thing about these palettes are that the shadows are small. Like they’re really really flat, so I feel like you don’t get that much product, and the pans are small and oddly shaped. It can be awkward when you try and use a fluffy brush with the 3 smaller shadows. The big shadow on the left side is great. Although considering some of the palettes sometimes it’s an odd color that they put in that I’m pretty ok with the packaging. They’re great for travelling, especially the neutral ones because they come with 4 colors and they’re small so you can easily fit 2 of them in a small travel bag and have a ton of options for eye looks.
815 – Sapphire Stylist
This quad features a gold frost, silver frost, medium blue frost and a dark blue with gold glitter. I’d definitely not use all these colors together because they’re all pretty frosty and it’d be a little too much drama for me to use them all for an everyday look. What it’d be good for would be if you are on a team that has gold and blue as colors, or you go to a school with gold and blue colors then you can easily create a good gold blue look for yourself. I would still reach for another palette for something matte and a highlight because again, I think it’s too much drama for one look to use all 4 colors.
Each of the shadows were pretty decently pigmented, the dark blue with glitter being the only one that wasn’t pretty great in terms of texture and pigmentation.
05 – Give Me Gold
This is the first of 2 neutral palettes I got. This is actually a permanent quad that was in the display for the new ones so I assumed it was one of the neutral ones but it’s not… The other neutral palette from the limited edition line has a darker gray color. In the video I said this was limited edition – it’s not. So yay for permanent drugstore items!
It’s got a warmer combination of colors as opposed to the other having cooler colors. It comes with a pale, white gold color, a yellow gold, a copper, which are all frost, and then a dark brown with a gold shimmer in it.
The pigmentation for all 4 of these colors were great. They’re all really wearable as well. 
Below is a close up shot of the darkest color, just you can see the texture of the color. The gold shimmer does transfer onto the skin pretty nicely, as some colors like this don’t. 
805 – Strut It Suede
This is the one Amarixe originally mentioned which got me interested in the quads.
First off, I apologize for taking the photo after it was swatched. I just wanted to touch it so badly! I actually held off for the first day I had it and then went to photograph everything and absent-mindedly swatched it before I photographed it.
This one has a matte brown, a light champange color, a darker shimmery cool gold and then a dark brown with gold and magenta shimmers.
All the colors together:
Maybelline Fit Me Blush “Sweet Melon”
This is my first Maybelline blush. I was looking for a good blush, in a warmer color. I figured just why not take one of the Maybelline blushes because I was right there in the section anyways.
This is a warm, peachy pink with a hint of shimmer. It doesn’t swatch very color heavy the first time, but it builds very nicely. It gives off a pretty sheen that isn’t too intense. It’s not an outstanding blush but I really only paid $6 for it so I’m not too bummed.
OPI  “Smitten With Mittens”
I DIED when I saw this at CVS. DIED DIED DIED. It’s my favorite OPI red of all time. It was from a holiday collection 2 years ago. It’s gorgeous. I bought all 3 they had. I was that excited. I will be giving away 2 of them in my 1000 subscriber giveaway.
It’s a dark red with a beautiful gold shimmer. It’s perfect for the holidays. 
Swatches can be seen here.
Revlon “Carbonite” 
This is a dupe for the new Chanel “Graphite” polish. I’ve seen Graphite in person and it’s pretty much the same color, it’s just more shimmery. If you don’t care about that though, then yes, it’s a dupe. 
This is pretty pigmented. I haven’t used a Revlon nail polish since I was like 12. I didn’t have bad memories of it, I just tend to stick to non-drugstore polishes.
It’s a dark gunmetal color with a lot of silver shimmer. 
OPI “Visions of Sugarplum”
This was also from the OPI holiday collection 2 years ago. This is a dark purple glass-fleck shimmer. It’s got the same sort of finish as Zoya’s Mimi and OPI’s Grape Set Match, but the base color is different. It has smaller bits of shimmer than Mimi and not is darker than Grape Set Match.
Revlon “Not So Blueberry”
So I had heard of the scented polishes but hadn’t explored further into them until I saw this on the shelf. What caught me was the super duochrome. It’s light blue, and purple and dark blue and green. It’s gorgeous. In the bottle you can also see some slight shimmer and metallic parts. I love it.
It swatches darker and cooler than in the bottle. It still has duochrome loveliness to it just not as strong. 
As for the scented component, it does smell like blueberries. It has a slight berry smell in the bottle but when it’s dry it’s super strong. 
It smells like Japanese blueberry candy. It’s yummy. 

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