So In reality, I tried these out like a month ago. But it’s finally up, and that’s what matters right? Lol.
I was sent these in a box from Sara, and decided to finally suck it up and give it ago. I was for sure intimidated and scared of this product because it was the unknown. I mean… how well would stick on nail polish work, right?

Surprisingly, I had a rather pleasant time with these, and will more than likely purchase a few different ones on my own in the future.

I go over the product pretty thoroughly in the video, so the rest of this post won’t be too wordy, just a lot of pictures. 
I will say that it is a very affordable and very easy (well, a steep learning curve at least) way to get a fun, nail art manicure without having to get it done, or buying the 4 or 5 products you would need in order to do a Konad manicure on your own. It’s also great for those that aren’t that artistically minded, and don’t want to “epic fail” with nail art pens. 
These are readily available in all drugstores, and wherever Sally Hansen is sold. Usually they are in their own small display, next to or near the other Sally Hansen products. They range between $5 and $10.

Inside the box you get what you see above. There’s 16 polish strips (8 per hand, with varying sizes depending on your hands) a file, and a cuticle stick. There’s also an instruction pamphlet. My advice would to read through the pamphlet before you start, thoroughly. I didn’t thoroughly read it and well, life would have been slightly easier for me the first time around.
The thing is, once you figure out how to use the product, it’s very easy to get the hang of how to do everything.
There are very brief instructions on the outside of the box, but they’re rubbish. In reality you want to read through the instructions on the inside – I mean, in general, those instructions on the outside are indeed, what you do, but there’s a lot more effort you need to put into the application process.
I took pictures of the process, so you can just as briefly (as the outside instructions I mean) see how to use the product.
The first picture (above, to the left) shows how one of the strips fits to the finger. There are 2 sides to each strip. There’s a rounded side and a squared off side. My thumbs have a rather square cuticle so the side I chose for my thumbs was the squared off side.
At the end of the rounded side, there’s a tab which you have to remove. Along with it comes the backside of the strip, which will reveal a slightly sticky side which you briefly adhere to your nail. There’s also a plastic coat on top of the strip, that peels off with the tab. You really do need to peel that off in order to apply the strip correctly.
When everything is peeled and ready to go, you basically then just rub the strip on with the cuticle stick, like the second photo above. I took like 3 to 4 minutes for each nail, just to make sure it’s on good and firm. The stick can be a little annoying because if you’re not careful, the sharp end of it can jab into the strip and you’ll get a little dent.
After it’s stuck on, you just fold over the excess and file the edge so the end of the strip comes off and you’re done!
When removing these, regular nail polish is all you need. It’s just interesting how it removed, so I took a picture of it. 
The polish actually comes off like the sticky stuff that you pick off after you unsuccessfully remove sticky labels off of plastic things. If that made any sense. It doesn’t remove like regular nail polish. But it is easy to remove.
So again, there really isn’t much I have to say negatively about the product. I hope this review helped some of you and you guys try them out… let me know if you do 🙂

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