It’s that time of the year again. Fall nail polish season. Oh boy!
I have my picks for this year as well as some (like really just very few) of the new polish collection colors from OPI and China Glaze.
I got the China Glaze from Sara, as you probably all saw in a post previous to this. 
I have quite a few polishes this year since this season is my favorite and since I wanted to include a lot of variety in both price and brand so that it wasn’t limited to just one type of buyer. I know how annoying that can be when you read blogs or watch videos and you love the products they talk about but you can never afford it.
All of the polishes included have a very brief description of the color, as well as the formula if I hadn’t talked about it before. Most of the brands mentioned can be purchased at Ulta, the Drugstore, Nordstrom or Sephora, as well as in various etailers.
So, enjoy and I hope this is helpful to everybody!
Photos and swatches after the jump 🙂

I Brake For Manicures
This is from the Fall 2011 OPI Touring America Collection. It’s a creme finished eggplant color. It’s actually quite opaque, with 2 coats being sufficient enough for full coverage.
It’s a little grayer and less vibrant than Lincoln Park After Dark. It’s also a slightly browner tone.
Road House Blues
This is again a slightly grayer blue than a pure navy blue. It’s a creme finish and is also pretty opaque as well. It’s very similar to Sapphire In The Snow, but not as purple. It’s also less saturated in color.
This is also from the Touring America collection.
Sapphire In The Snow
This is from the winter 2009 collection. I’m including this just to show you the similarity between Road House Blues and this one. It’s not an exact dupe but it’s similar. In real life it’s a little more purple than it’s showing up on camera.
If you wanted this one but didn’t get it originally, Road House Blues is a good alternative. 
This was from China Glaze’s X Collection, which I believe was from some time ago. Not a collection I’m completely familiar with, so it has to have been from before 2009. 
This is a very dark purple creme. Very similar to Lincoln Park After Dark. It’s a little more purple, as LPAD can lean a little brown.
The formula on this was amazing. It’s completely opaque in 2 coats.
Midtown Magic
This is from the new China Glaze fall collection the Metro Collection. It’s a dark, raisin color with a lot ofgold and green shimmer in it. The shimmer is much more evident in person than you can see in the photos.
The formula for this was also great. As you can see the opacity is pretty amazing at first coat – you barely need another coat to get it to full coverage.
This is also from the Metro Collection. It’s a deep sea blue jelly base with a lot of silver glitter in it. It’s similar in style to the China Glaze color Dorothy Who?, it’s just a darker blue. Less warm as well. 
This you need about 3 or 4 coats to get to full opacity but it’s also because it’s a jelly based color.

Tickle My France-Y
I’m probably always going to include this onto my fall picks. It’s just the perfect nude nail color. It’s a lighter nude so on me it just looks like my skin tone. 
This is in OPI’s permanent collection.
This was from Zoya’s most recent winter collection. It’s a very pewtery base with gold shimmer on top. It’s one of those colors that would also make an amazing eye shadow. Does anybody else do that? Think about how some colors would be amazing in other mediums as well?
I think this would be great in fall but also during Christmas time. It translates well from neutral fall color to a slightly festive Christmas-y color. 
Fash Pack
This is a cafe au lait sort of brown creme with a very slight gold shimmer run through it. You can see the brown shimmer much better in the bottle than when swatched. It also swatches a bit darker than the color in the bottle.
It’s a very good neutral though if you’re looking for a color like this.
This is very very similar to Fash Pack, but the gold shimmer in this comes up much more in this polish. It’s also a shade darker than Fash Pack. 

This was from last year’s fall collection so it should still be readily available.

You Don’t Know Jacques
This is another creme taupe color. Darker and more gray than the previous two. This is probably one of OPI’s most popular colors and is a permanent color. 
Mink Muffs
This is another creme brown color. Warmer than the previous OPI. Slightly lighter as well. It’s again another one of those fall go to neutral brown colors. Which I have a lot of. I included this for anybody that dislikes OPI or China Glaze, or particularly likes Essie.
Suzi Says Da!
This is a slightly reddish brown creme color. It’s not completely dark. It’s very obviously brown even at 3 coats. This was from the Russia collection about 4 years ago but I think it’s permanent. I got it online at an etailer but I found it at a beauty supply store as well.
All A-Bordeaux The Sled!

This I mentioned in my July Favorites. It’s a darker, more red color than Suzi Says Da!. This is a very chic wine red with 1 coat, and then when layered it turns into a rich browner red color. One of my favorites. This was limited edition, but a lot of companies make colors similar to this, like L’Oreal and Borghese, which you can find in the drugstore.

Little Brown Dress
This is a coffee brown color. It’s a true brown, there isn’t a hint of red or gray in it. This I saw at CVS recently so I can only assume that it’s permanent. Nonetheless, it’s pretty opaque and a great alternative to black if you want a dark color that isn’t straight up black.
Velvet Voyeur
This was also from last year, and is another dark, vampy purple color. Unlike Lincoln Park After Dark, this is more purple, which again, LPAD can lean a little brown some times.
This was also added into the list as an alternative for those who prefer Essie over other brands.

This is closest to LPAD than all the polishes I have. It also leans brown and is a very very dark color. If anybody prefers Zoya to OPI, than this is another alternative.
I believe this is one of Zoya’s most popular colors.

Lincoln Park After Dark
In the photo, it looks very purple, but in daylight it can lean brown. There isn’t much else to say about this, since I have had this on my Fall picks for a while, and I’ve also done a NOTW post on this. It’s a classic polish though, and one of OPI’s most popular colors.
Merino Cool
This goes back to the lighter neutral creme colors. It’s not fully brown though, as it has gray and purple tones in it. Very similar to Blackberry eye shadow by Mac.
Metro Chic
This is essentially the same color as Merino Cool, but slightly less purple. One of Sephora by OPI’s most popular colors and is for sure one of those standard go-to colors for the fall. 
Uptown Girl
For those wanting a more vibrant purple but not a completely bright color, Uptown girl by Color Club is perfect. It’s brighter than Parlez-Vous OPI? by the way, which was discontinued so is no longer going to be included on my lists.
This was originally from the Rebel Debutante collection, but I still find it at Bed Bath and Beyond, which is where I get most of my Color Club nail polishes now.
Angora Cardi
This is a mauve creme polish. Probably one of my favorite fall polishes. I mentioned it last year as well.
It’s opaque, easy to use, and great for people that want color but not too much. 
We’ll Always Have Paris
This is a permanent color, but was originally released with the France collection.
It’s another wine creme. This is truly more of a wine than some of the other. L’Oreal makes another color similar to this in their nail polish line, so it’s a popular color.
This just happens to be the brand that I own.
Glove You So Much
Again, this is from the 2009 Holiday collection. I’m mentioning this, even though it was limited edition because it’s another very popular color.
Borghese, which can be found at CVS makes a color similar to this, as does NYC.
I just think dark reds look great in fall, with the changing leaves and the general theme around richness – in color, scent, foods.
Another dark, metallic red, but this is much redder and more Christmasy. If you’re looking for a good metallic Christmas red, this I highly recommend this.
It’s pretty opaque and it always makes me feel festive when I have it on my nails. It’s also a pretty classic sort of red that you can’t really go wrong with. 
Mrs. O’Leary’s BBQ
This is a permanent color, but was originally released with the Chicago collection.
It’s the last wine/brown creme that I have in the list. It’s really very barbecue sauce like though. I added this one just for different skin tones, and to show you that really, there are SO many options for wine-y brown dark red cremes.

St. Petersburgundy
This was the first red-red polish I had bought. A lot of meticulous picking went into choosing this color. I spent a lot of time looking through red polishes online and in store. This one is very very good. It’s a jelly based 1920’s deep red color that I think is perfect for fall and winter. I like more orange, bright types of red for the spring.
This is permanent, and very close to another OPI red, I Got The Blues For Red.
487 Rouge Fatal
This is definitely the most expensive of the polishes on the list but I included it because it’s amazing. It’s a very rich, blood red, classic color.
I specifically like it for the fall because of it’s richness. It’s also not a jelly based red, which a lot of reds are.
Limited Addiction
This is Essie’s take on the jelly based, classic red color. See? A lot of brands make multiple polishes that look like this.
Formula-wise, it’s a little more sheer than the OPI color, but layers very nicely. It may still be available wherever Essie is sold, but again, OPI makes a color very similar to this (virtually exactly the same).
In Stitches
This was from Essie’s collection last fall. It’s an off red, off pink slightly brown, slightly mauve color. Very fall. Like most of Essie’s cremes, it applies wonderfully and is pretty opaque. It’s great in 2 coats, but a 3rd can be added if you’re a 3 coat type of person (like me).
Crêpes Suzi-ette
This was from the France collection, which I believe was from either 2008 or 2009. It’s a brick red, terra cotta, slightly orange brown red color haha. For those of you that don’t like orangey brown reds, this is probably not for you. For those of you that don’t like deeper red cremes, this is probably the color for you.
This is pretty opaque, really only needing 2 coats for the color to show it’s full potential.
I’d like to say this is permanent, but I’m not quite sure. OPI, Essie and China Glaze, as well as Nubar make colors similar to this though.
Blue Suede
Since blue is a big color for this fall, in eye color, clothes and nails the like, I’ve added a few of my favorite fall blues, varying in textures.
This is Orly’s matte blue, which I’ve been able to find multiple times, and recently, at CVS so you most definitely can still find it.
It’s pretty opaque in 2 coats, so you might want to try 3.

Royal Navy
Royal Navy is much more jewel toned, and a little brighter, but not too bright that it’s sort of inappropriate for fall as far as fall things go.
There’s a slight teal microglitter that runs through it, which isn’t obvious from far away, but is magnificently beautiful in person.
This I’ve also found a lot at CVS, including recently, so I’m sure you can still find it at CVS as well.
Caitlin is a grayish blue purple color. Depending on what you wear it with, it will lean gray, or blue, or purple.
It’s amazingly opaque so much so that it’s almost opaque in 1 coat. 2 coats is perfect with this.
This is a darker, more blue gray than the other gray included in this list (which will come later).
Again, it’s almost opaque in 1 coat, and 2 is just perfect.
This is another great alternative to black if you don’t like black nails but want something dark.
There aren’t that many dark purples included this year but I added one just for good measure. Because I love purple 🙂
It’s a royal purple glass fleck. On the right is a chunky glitter which I will include later as well.
Dark purples, well royal purples, are great for fall as well.
There’s nothing that says you can’t wear purple, if it isn’t “in style” for this fall. I’m for sure going to be wearing purples this fall but I included more blues just because it’ll be popular.
This was limited edition for the Serena Williams duopack in the summer, but China Glaze and Zoya both have great purple glass fleck shimmer polishes available, one of my favorites being Zoya’s Mimi. It’s not a dupe but it’s a good royal purple.
Russian Navy
This is a permanent shimmery navy blue. It has a few red and purple shimmers that can make it look slightly purple but in person it really is a rich navy blue shimmer.
Stranger Tides
This was released in the spring, but I like the murkier greens for the fall. It’s on the lighter side, but I think the grungyness of it is perfect for fall.
You can probably still find this in stores, since it was recently released, even if it was limited edition.
Absolutely Shore
This is a seafoam green. A lot of you would probably wear this a lot in the summer, but I’m thinking ahead to Christmas when I want a light green, but not necessarily a minty green.
A lot of people also don’t like the grungy greens so here’s a nice bright, fresh alternative for you.
This is a swampy green with a blue/purple duochrome. Super cool.
The duochrome stands out very strongly and the color is opaque in 2 coats.
This is a cool, dove gray color. It’s a little sheer so I’d recommend 3 coats, but you could get away with 2.
Not much else to say about it.
There were a lot of grays available for purchase at Sephora, and there were a few grays in the OPI Touring America collection.
I figured you don’t really need that many gray polishes. If you find a few that are great for your skin tone, you’re set.
Playa Del Platinum
This is a warmer gray. It’s opaque in 3.
Again, I’m adding this in as another alternative for those that want a gray but cool grays don’t work for them.
Concrete Jungle
This is slightly lighter than Kelly by Zoya. It’s incredibly opaque though, as with all Rescue Beauty Lounge polishes.
This is a cooler gray again.

Servin’ Up Sparkle
There are also a lot of chunky glitters that are being prepared for the fall. Deborah Lippman, which I have yet to try, has great chunky glitters, as do Milani, China Glaze and Sephora by OPI.
This one is one of my favorites as it’s a chunky, holographic glitter.
This was limited edition, but again the 3 options above have great chunky glitters to choose from.
Teenage Dream
The other chunky glitter I have to show you is Teenage Dream, which is a colored chunky glitter. Sephora by OPI has great options for colored glitters as do China Glaze and Sinful Colors which are both very inexpensive.

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  1. Love this!!! I want some of these badly and Jules came out in the Spring collection but it is very fall-winter to me too!!! Like I love it now, but I wouldn't give it the time of day back in the spring. LOL!


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