Sara may be my favorite person in the world. Like seriously. My favorite.
I wasn’t expecting this at all, so I nearly DIED when I saw that she was kind enough to send me a birthday gift. It’s so incredibly nice and unexpected.
I mentioned my birthday on twitter, but honestly that was in no way any sort of obligatory statement to people and it was again, just so unexpected and so lovely 🙂
So THANK YOU SARA. You’re the best!
She was kind enough to send me LOTS of goodies, and many of which I had my eye on and haven’t tried before.
So, photos and swatches are after the jump and again, Sara you’re amazing!

Bubblicious Strawberry Gum
So really, this was just the thing that I died over the most. I mentioned in my last Bath and Body Works haul, when I had the Strawberry candle, that it smelled exactly like this gum, and that it was a bummer that I could no longer find it anymore.
I’ve already gone through one of them. It’s the most delicious gum EVER and I can’t even get over that she sent me 3 of them. PLUS it’s in Canadian packaging. I love Canada lol. 
Sweet Soak Oh My! Apple Pie Bath Salts
This is a brand that I’m not familiar with so I’m excited to try it. Especially because it’s Apple Pie scented. Who doesn’t love apple pie?
This I’m for sure going to save for a rainy day, or after a long stressful day. Can’t wait. 
Macadamia Natural Oil Hair Healing Oil Treatment
I basically have been wanting to buy this for… ever. Really. Forever. So my jaw just kind of dropped when I realized that I had been sent one of these. 
I’ve used it once already and it has made a HUGE difference already. My hair is already more manageable and much softer.
The oil itself is a reddish color. It smells sweet, and not like macadamia nuts at all. The pump definitely dispenses quite a bit of product so I’ll be using half a pump from now on. 
I’m now excited to expand further into their line. I’m SO so so so so so happy that I got this though. 🙂
Maybelline Pink Lollipop Lipstick
This was a product that I had seen once on Scrangie, and then once at the drugstore and I thought “huh, that’s curious”. I never really talked about it though, so it was a complete surprise that it was in the box.
It’s quite an odd, interesting product actually.
It smells like candy. It looks super cool.
The product itself is more like a tinting balm, than anything else.
It reminds me quite a bit of Dior’s Lip Glow, which is a tinting balm. Both are moisturizing, and also get pinker as time goes on (but hits a limit. It doesn’t just end up bright pink by the end of the day).
This is surprisingly moisturizing, and starts out very glassy looking.
I found that after about 2 hours, which is about normal wear for most lip balms for me (only Jack Black extends farther than that), the product goes matte on the lips and gives a nice stained look.
It’s interesting really. There’s really nothing else like it. It goes from balm to stain, basically.
La Rosa Crackle Shatter Nail Lacquer Hot Yellow

This is that brand that you see on all the etailers with all the different shades of crackle polishes. Good to know that it works wonderfully!
The color is called “Hot Yellow” which is funny because it’s orange.
It’s a very bright, almost neon orange though. Definitely different when you consider it against my other crackles. 
Finger Paints Purple Crackle Effect

Like the China Glaze purple crackle, this has a slight shimmer to it but it cracks much more nicely than the China Glaze.
I’ve never tried Finger Paints though, mostly because I have no idea where to get it, so aside from the fact that it’s a crackle (let’s be real, I said I was tired of them but I still go looking for them), I was very pleased with this.
Finger Paints Art You Wondering

Teal Glitter! TEAL GLITTER!
It’s actually very similar to Butter London’s Henley Regatta in that it doesn’t just have teal glitter, but a mixture of blue, green and teal glitter.
This is much more dense in glitter application though.
PS: If anybody can tell me where I can get Finger Paints I’d be eternally grateful. 
Claire’s Mood Color Changing Nail Polish

I haven’t actually worn the other color changing polish I have (which is similar in color to this) so I decided to wear it ASAP so that you can see the color effect. 
The base color is a teal and when it warms up it gets to a vibrant clover green. Very similar to Four Leaf Clover by China Glaze. At cooler temperatures, the color is a deeper teal, very much the color of the swatch.
Since I had longer nails, it gradiented into a cool french manicure like effect:


OPI Miami Beet

This is a permanent OPI color that believe it or not, I didn’t have before.
It’s one of those pink colors that I totally would have in my collection too. What’s wrong with me lol. Jk. 
It’s a slightly brighter magenta. Not a true bright but vibrant and rich. It’s a slightly redder pink as well.
China Glaze Skyscraper

I sing Demi Lovato to myself whenever I see this polish. No judgement lol.
Anyways, this is from this year’s fall collection, the Metro Collection.
It’s a Crayola blue jelly base with lots of bright, silver glitter charged through it.
That red reflection in the bottom is my shirt by the way. That’s how good the glitter shines through in the polish. 
It builds fantastically too. For a jelly, it doesn’t take a thousand coats to get opaque.
China Glaze Midtown Magic

This is another from the China Glaze Metro collection. It’s a raisiny purple color with a lot of deep, green, ember and gold shimmers. Super different.
It’s very opaque and doesn’t need to be built up.
There were only a like… 2 or 3 that I wanted from the Metro Collection and I got 2 of them. The other I thought I got (which I’ll explain in a second) but didn’t. So yeah. Sara is like god lol. 
China Glaze VIII

So I originally thought this was from the Metro Collection, because there’s a dark purple in that, and in Zoya, OPI and China Glaze’s fall collections, there was a dark purple creme. So it might have well could be.
This is from the X Collection though, from long ago.
It’s a very opaque, deep purple creme. A lot like Lincoln Park After Dark. Slightly different though. A little grayer. 
Applies beautifully and is opaque in 2 coats. 
China Glaze Reggae To Riches

It’s always good getting a true duochrome. This is a bright pink shimmer with a bold blue/purple duochrome shine to it.
It’s amazing.
It also applies wonderfully and is opaque in two coats.

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