So I got my August Birchbox, which is my second one so far. 
The theme of this box is about technologically innovative things. That’s all good and dandy, but what I specifically like about this box is that they’re really all products that I’d use. 
My last box, which was all about things Cynthia Rowley collaborated with was fun and nice but this box seemed more along the lines of “things I’d use”. In fact, I’ve already used 3 of the products provided.
Since I talk about the products a little and read you the card that’s inside the box in the video, I’m not going to elaborate a lot on all of these products, but I will put in some opinions about the products I’ve used.
You can go check out info on Birchboxes at their website.
More photos and info are after the jump!

Blinc Eyeliner
I’ve quickly become a fan of this. Like… it’s my favorite now. It’s a tiny little thing and I’ve used it everyday since I’ve gotten it and I KNOW that I’m going to run out soon so I have to get a full sized one. 
The liner is very very smooth and is finishes very black and matte, and reminds me a lot of my previously favorite liquid liner from Make Up For Ever. 
It’s a very fluid liner though. Very wet. It takes a little longer to dry, and you’re going to want to scrape of as much as you can before you apply. 
The brush is a very thin and flexible… rubber? tip. It’s not felt, and it’s not a brush with bristles. 
It might be the small sized packaging, but because the liner is very wet, and the brush is very long, there’s quite a bit of excess that’s left on the top edge of the tube. That’s it’s only fault really. 
Wei Eye De-Puffers
These I have also used and you know how I say how the packaging reminds me of Starbucks? Well the pads themselves reminded me of coffee soaked coffee filters. 
You’re supposed to keep the pads on your eyes for 10-15 mins.
Ideally you’d be either sitting or lying down.
Hence, I probably did it wrong.
I used my first packet on a morning I was in a hurry and when I had gotten very little sleep. I thought I’d get a quick eye fix. NOPE.
I had the pads on my eyes for about 5 minutes. I hoped it’d help a little bit. NOPE.
You probably really do have to stick them on for 10-15 mins.
And really you want to be lying down. I was standing and trying to multitask without vision. I got eye-depuffing juice all over my face.
So yeah. 
One day I’ll use the other packet correctly and hopefully it’ll work better.
Carol’s Daughter Monoi Hair Mask
This is actually a lifesaver because I needed another hair mask and was not in the mood to spend money for another good one. I have textbooks to buy and Mac collections are coming out haha.
I haven’t used it yet but I’m hoping good things will come out of it.
Pangea Organics Facial Cleanser
So recently I had been contemplating starting a new skin regimen. Like all things, good things also come to an end. I’ve LOVED my 3-step from Clinique, but I feel like with everything that works fantastically in the beginning, eventually your skin gets used to it and it doesn’t work as well after a while.
I’ve been using my Clinique for 2 years now and I can tell my skin is starting to get slightly oilier than before. 
I still love my 3 step though and I like sticking to what I know. So I’ve been putting of finding a new skin care regimen.
Unfortunately (or fortunately I guess) this one will not replace my Clinique. It’s made for combination/oily skin, first off so I feel like I need something more cleansing than that.
Second, the texture of it is very thin and almost like a oil based cleanser. It doesn’t lather quite like the Clinique and you all know I’m a “if it hurts/foams/lathers it works” sort of person.
The scent is very nice though. It’s a clean smell. Herbal but not offensive.
I won’t be getting a big one of these. 
Hair Tie (Extra)
Not much to say about it. It’s a hair tie.

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