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“If everybody is special then nobody is special”
That’s basically what I feel about crackle nail polish now. The other day while I was out shopping, I realized that Nicole by OPI has a crackle line, as does Sephora by OPI. They’re both owned by OPI so really, I was thinking, why not just stick with keeping it only in the main OPI line? Why make 2 other crackle nail polish collections within the same brand? I don’t know.
But anyways, I mentioned in my last demo that I was all crackled out. And I am. The China Glaze Metal Crackle Glazes came out before then though so keep that in mind – I had these on my wish list before everybody else had a crackle nail line. Possibly adding to my “NO MORE NO MORE” frame of thought.
Nonetheless, I was very happy with these because of the color selection and the finish. The other lines coming out all have a black crackle polish and some other basic colors.
These are metallic 🙂
Sara was kind enough to send me the WHOLE collection, and I was only really thinking she was going to send me one or two. So THANK YOU!
Basically these do the same as all the other crackle nail polishes – they dry fast and as they dry they shrink up and cause the polish to dry in a crackled, almost tree bark like effect. They must be applied to completely dry polish for the effect to fully take place. They don’t work on just bare nails.
China Glaze already has a line of crackles in creme (and one shimmer) finishes. OPI’s Silver Shatter, Sally Hansen and Color Club are the other crackle polishes you can currently purchase that have a metallic finish.
Here are links to the other demos I’ve done:

The China Glaze Crackle Glaze Metals retail for $6.99 can be purchased wherever China Glaze is sold.
More photos and swatches after the jump!

IMG_6394China Glaze Oxidized Aqua
Oxidized Aqua
Very pretty turquoisey blue. Pretty opaque and shatters nicely. I was looking most forward to this when it the collection was announced. 
IMG_6395China Glaze Latticed Lilac
Latticed Lilac
Dark, smokey plummy purple. Pretty unique, color wise. It’s probably one of my favorites since it’s more neutral than a bright purple, so you can layer it over a nude and still have it look somewhat work appropriate, just a little more exciting because it’s shimmery and crackled.
IMG_6396China Glaze Haute Metal
Haute Metal
Medium toned rosy pink. This one is pretty opaque too. This was still on the thin side of coats and you can see that it crackled thin in some places but thick in the majority of the places. Again, I think it’s just the way the formula of the shimmer is compared to the creme formula. 
IMG_6397China Glaze Platinum Pieces
Platinum Pieces
Light silver. This one crackled the least for me. It’s color wise very similar to the Color Club. Finish wise as well. The Sally Hansen is a bit more sparkly – that is there are more obvious sparkles in the Sally Hansen, where as the Color Club and China Glaze stay in the shimmer range safely. The OPI is just a darker color, with a bit more sparkle rather than shimmer as well, and is therefore completely different than the other 3. I found that the OPI Shatter crackled the best for me.
Color Club Broken TokensSally Hansen Fractured FoilOPI Silver Shatter
Color Club Broken Tokens, Sally Hansen Fractured Foil, OPI Silver Shatter
IMG_6399China Glaze Cracked Medallion
Cracked Medallion
Copper crackle. It’s really new-penny looking. It was an unexpected love because I don’t tend to reach for colors like this often. I liked that it was pretty pigmented, crackled nicely and was a unique color. This is another one that’d I’d layer over a darker neutral brown creme to spice up my neutral nail just a bit. It reminds me a lot of fall as well, and one of the OPI Burlesque shimmers from last winter.
IMG_6398China Glaze Tarnished Gold
Tarnished Gold
This is a very true to jewelry sort of gold. It’s much more yellow and deep than the Sally Hansen, which is a paler gold. This reminds me a lot of the traditional, yellow gold that all kids sort of envision when you say the word “gold”. This one crackled a lot better than the Sally Hansen did.
Sally Hansen Antiqued Gold
Sally Hansen Antiqued Gold

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