As it’s Friday and Sergio is in Portland and Kate is in Santa Cruz and Patrick is still in New York and Leilani is… probably with family (she didn’t respond to my text 😦 ) I am bored and blogging. I’m getting a few things lined up – reviews, swatches, videos.
As just a random post, I was wondering if anybody that follows me is on Beautylish?
I’d love to follow you back.
For those of you that don’t know, Beautylish is a social networking site devoted to all things beauty. It’s like Facebook, but completely based around the beauty community. It updates on news, collections, trends etc, and you can also link your YouTube to it so you can have your videos readily available to be watched.
It also has a great interactive component to it where you can post your own reviews of things, and there are also forums as well.
I’ve found a few of my new favorites on YouTube through Beautylish. It’s quite fun as well as informative and convenient.

I’m warmvanillasugar0823 on Beautylish (same as my YouTube), so come comment or follow either here or on Beautylish and I’d love to follow you all back 🙂

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