This is the first time I’ve EVER gone to Ulta so I was beyond excited about it.
I live just north of San Francisco and forever I thought the closest one to me was in San Bruno. I ended up going to Santa Rosa, which is an hour north, to go to the giant Best Buy to pick up my camera, and in the same mall I saw an Ulta!
So, I dragged Sergio along with me because I HAD TO GO. It was imperative.
It was wonderfully clean, and beautiful and almost everything I had ever wanted it to be. I thought it would be bigger, since it sold both higher end and drugstore products, but then I realized that it doesn’t have as many high end products as I thought it would. It’s not to the extent of Sephora, which sells only high end products.
It did have a lot of brands that I had seen at the CVS Beauty 360 stores that I have been to, as well as NYX, Macadamia Hair (which I didn’t purchase but had been looking for), and Eyelure eye lashes.
I didn’t go as crazy as I would have since I was running low on funds, but this is all the stuff that I bought.
Photos and pictures after the jump!

Urban Decay All Nighter
Urban Decay Long-Lasting Makeup Setting Spray
So this was one of the minis they had at the front of the store near the cash registers. They had that little island of discounted/mini products, like they do at Sephora. I got a mini setting spray just to carry in my purse with me. It’s made by Skindinavia so it’s not any different than the Skindinavia Setting Spray that I have. It’s just mini, and I’ve noticed the spray bottle is better.
Butter London Fash PackButter London Fash PackButter London Fash Pack
Butter London Nail Polish “Fash Pack”
I’ve been really into the taupey, neutral, chic shades lately. Probably because I’ve gotten back into watching Pretty Little Liars (which is a secret shame and guilty pleasure of mine). I had never tried the Butter London polishes before, and aside from finally seeing Nyx products in person, the Butter London polishes were the thing I was most looking forward to at Ulta. These are $14 each so they’re definitely on the pricey side. They didn’t have as many colors available as I had expected but that isn’t the biggest issue either. The polishes themselves are very nice. This one is a light, mushroom brown with a gold shimmer. The polish was very smooth, pigmented and had a quicker than average drying time. 2 coats is more than enough.
Butter London Henley RegattaButter London Henley Regatta
Butter London Nail Polish “Henley Regatta”
I got one creme (or mostly creme) shade, so I decided to go with one glitter and then one in between, just to vary the types of polishes I bought for this brand on my first time around. This one actually was the one that first caught my eye though, and I wanted to purchase it before resolving to getting multiple finishes. “Henley Regatta” is a glitter with both green and teal glitters. The glitter is very similar to the Nubar glitter “formula” (in quotes because glitter particles aren’t really a formula), in that they’re fine, small and don’t get super gritty on the nail. You really can only see the green if you look real closely. The color is not that similar to Color Club’s Untamed Luxury, if anybody is wondering. This I think would be better for layering but can be worn alone with multiple coats, same as the Nubars. Again, since the glitter isn’t too big, it won’t apply really thick if you go for the 4-5 coats when wearing it alone.
Butter London Henley RegattaButter London Henley Regatta
Butter London WallisButter London WallisButter London Wallis
Butter London Nail Polish “Wallis”
This is my in-between color I picked up. It’s not in between a creme and glitter though. It’s more like a glass-fleck shimmer but has bigger pieces and not a thinner base. So it’s like a shattered metallic foil like polish in a translucent base. The color itself is a dark blueish green base with a ton of olive green shimmer. The olive green shimmer has a very pretty gold shine to it which together makes it look like an olive green shimmer polish but really, it’s foily bits in a dark base. Does that make sense?
Anyways, you’ll need 3 coats for this because it’s a little sheer, but it’s not a thick formula so 3 coats won’t feel heavy on the nail. It has very similar components to it when compared to Nars Mash or OPI’s At Your Quebec And Call but they’re different. Zoya’s Edyta has the same sort of base color but the shimmer is different. It truly is a unique polish in my collection.
China Glaze Custom KicksChina Glaze Custom KicksChina Glaze Custom Kicks
China Glaze “Custom Kicks”
This is one of those polishes that people keep telling me I should have or that they’re surprised I don’t have. I agree haha. I first saw it on EasyAccessBeauty on YouTube and thought “huh, that’s a color I’d totally own!” and that was like a year ago. As I kept talking about teal and how it’s one of my favorite colors, people kept saying “I’m so surprised you don’t already have it!” and guess what, I finally bought it! Hahaha. It’s a teal creme base with a gold shimmer shot through it. It’s a little more on the green side than in photos and the gold shimmer is also much more apparent. It’s good to go in 2 coats.
Cover Girl Lip Perfection Lipstick 200 Sensual
Cover Girl Lip Perfection Lipstick 200 Sultry
TotalMakeupJunkie101, or Eshani, and I were chatting on Twitter (she’s @TtlMakeupJunkie) and she recommended to me the Cover Girl lip Perfection Lipsticks. I’m not the biggest fan of drugstore lipsticks, just because I can NEVER find one that hasn’t been pre-used. I swear, people have no manners at the drugstore, and it doesn’t make people at Ulta exempt either. Drugstore lipstick is ALWAYS touched even though it’s not bought. Super gross! Anyways, she recommended to check these out, so I did. This happens to be one of the only ones that I could find that wasn’t pre-opened, and thank god because it’s actually a very wearable color. It’s a very neutral reddish brown color. Very everyday. I used it today and my lips didn’t feel dried out at all and the color stayed true pretty much all day. So, thank you Eshani!
Cover Girl Lip Perfection Lipstick 200 SensualCover Girl Lip Perfection Lipstick 200 Sensual
Nyx Sparkling Glitter Powder SnowNyx Sparkling Glitter Powder SnowNyx Sparkling Glitter Powder Snow
Nyx Sparkling Glitter Powder “Snow”
Again, the products I was most looking forward to seeing in person were the Nyx products. Unfortunately, as with all the drugstore items at the Ulta I went to, these were not spared from ruthless and rude buyers. The Nyx section was like destroyed. Half of it was all opened and clearly touched, and the rest was just not where it was supposed to be and it was hard to find good things. I did end up getting a few of the things I had been looking forward to using though. This is one of their loose glitter pots. It’s the color “Snow” which is a white glitter with pink and gold and teal reflects. It’s similar to Mac’s Reflects Teal glitter, but the glitter in this is bigger and it has a different reflection to it. Below are pictures of the glitter and the packaging. The plastic thing fits snuggly in there so you have to be careful when opening it. 
Nyx Sparkling Glitter Powder SnowNyx Sparkling Glitter Powder Snow
Nyx Liquid Crystal Liner 108 Crystal Pewter
Nyx Liquid Crystal Liner “Crystal Pewter”
This is one of the products that xSparkage raved about. I couldn’t find the one that I wanted most and was about to walk out of the aisle when I saw this one. Crystal Pewter is like a purpley blue color but darker and grayed/smoked out. Very pretty. I don’t know what I’m going to do with it yet but I’ll figure it out haha. The glitter in this is much smaller than in the Candy Glitter Liners, and I feel like it’s also more densely packed.
Nyx Liquid Crystal Liner 108 Crystal PewterNyx Liquid Crystal Liner 108 Crystal PewterIMG_6367
Nyx Candy Glitter Liner
These are the other glitter liners that Nyx has. They’re much chunkier and have different (and silly) packaging. The Candy Glitter Liner has bigger glitter pieces and the brushes are also thicker. There’s also this weird tassel on it and It just gets in the way. 
Nyx Candy Glitter Liner Disco QueenNyx Candy Glitter Liner Disco QueenNyx Candy Glitter Liner Disco Queen
Disco Queen
Disco Queen is a dark blue with a bunch of multi colored glitter in it. It takes a bit to get a lot of glitter out and to get it really to not be sparse. Still very pretty though.
Nyx Candy Glitter Liner JadeNyx Candy Glitter Liner JadeIMG_6362
This one applied much more densely than Disco Queen. It’s a teal glitter. Just plain teal. Gorgeous though. And totally up my ally :P. It’s really the same as the Nyx Glitter Creme Palette Ocean Breeze teal glitter. This is just easier to deal with and apply.
Nyx Candy Glitter Liner Jade

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