I got another batch of things from the lovely Sara and decided to share with you all! I can’t thank her enough, again, for all the goodies she has sent me. She sent me the whole China Glaze Metallic Crackle collection (In the video I thought she had only sent me a few of them but then I looked it up and she sent me the whole thing!), and then some extra nail things.
I don’t have swatches of the China Glaze polishes yet, just bottle pictures. The swatches will come with the demo video which will be posted right after my July Favorites.
Photos and Swatches after the jump!

Revlon Crazy Shine Nail Buffer
When I first saw this I thought it was a makeup sponge. But then I read the back and it said it was a buffer. It looks really ideal to travel with, since it’s flat and seems to look like it would fit better than the giant rectangular blocks that buffers usually come like. 
Sally Hansen Salon Effects Nail Polish Strips
I haven’t had the courage to try these yet so it was exciting to see this in the box that Sara sent me. I’m nervous about using it, and will probably film a video about my first experience with it. They’re a cool idea though and so I’m looking forward to using it.
“Lavender Cloud” by Sally Hansen
This is a very light, very delicate purple pastel color. It’s a cream and it’s pretty pigmented. It applied super smooth. It looks almost completely white in the bottle, but when swatched the purple comes out much more. It actually leans more blue after it’s swatched. In the bottle it looks a little more like a pinky-purple. Like the colors of my wall actually, “Misty Lilac”. I included the swatch next to a white swatch so you can see that the color really does look purple in person.
The rest of the photos are bottle pics of the China Glaze Metallic Crackles that Sara sent me. I’m going to do a demo video of the crackles like I did with all the other ones so when that’s up, the swatches will be up.

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