On my last trip down to Santa Cruz with my mom to visit my brother, we stopped at the Asian market to get snacks and I jumped at the opportunity to again pick up some more Pa Nail Polishes.
The first 4 that I purchased impressed me quite a bit so I had always intended to pick up more but whenever I was at Japan Town I either didn’t have money or just decided to pick up food instead haha. This time though, the Asian market (which is another Japanese grocery store, in Saratoga) I buckled down and said “no snacks!” and bought 2 nail polishes instead.
Since the last time I bought Pa Nail Polishes, the price has decreased enormously. My first polishes were $8 each, this time they were $4.50 each and seem to be staying that price. I asked a friend of mine to go back and check and she said the polishes were still $4.50 and that was about a month after I first bought these.
Another exiting thing is that since my first Pa purchase, I’ve also found a couple of website that list more information on the brand. It might just be because I didn’t obsessively search before, or they might have just made a website, but I’ve just recently found these two sites. This first link will link to what may be an official website, but I’m not sure. I think that’s what it is since it’s the Dear Laura (the mother brand, think OPI and Nicole by OPI) website. This second link is a website that sells Pa products as well as other Asian products. The link will directly go to the orange polish from this post.
I actually don’t know anything about those two sites regarding shipping, purchasing or their stock, I just know you can see all the products there.
Anyways, more photos and swatches of the two polishes I bought are after the jump!

Pa Nail Polish A113
A113 is a black jelly base with a ton of differently sized silver holographic glitters. It’s AMAZING. 
The black jelly base is what makes it so unique. I typically don’t see black jellies EVER, so that’s the first part that makes this polish such a treasure to me. The jelly factor of it makes it layerable as well as able to be worn on it’s own. Since it’s black, even though it’s a super jelly and is translucent by nature, it doesn’t take a lot to get the color to be black.
Below I did my normal swatching for my nail wheels, with 1, then 2 then 3 coats. At 3 coats it’s not completely non-translucent but black will look black even if it’s not completely opaque.
The addition of multi-sized holographic glitter pieces makes it even more cool. The fact that Pa has a lot of colors like this makes it one of my favorite brands, especially now that I can find their products for less money.
I think this polish would look really cool layered over a bright creme polish. It would of course make the polish slightly darker than it’s original color, if you layered this over it, but it would add a cool dimension to it.
Pa Nail Polish a113Pa Nail Polish a113

Pa Nail Polish A124
This is a very very VERY sheer jelly orange with a lot of opalescent round glitter pieces in it. The glitter goes from orangey gold to a blue/green.
I bought this one knowing that it really wouldn’t be that opaque. At 3 coats, you can still see straight through the swatch.
I do think that it would be cool to wear though on it’s own, a lot like the blue from the Katy Perry collection.
Of course, a lot of people are going to mainly use this for layering. I have yet to play with this polish so I can only assume that layering it over colors will just make warm colors look more warm.
I really do like all these super jelly polishes though. It’s definitely a unique finish and they’re definitely colors that I would wear more often if I didn’t have a boss that was into the professional look of non jelly, non sparkly colors haha.
Pa Nail Polish a124Pa Nail Polish a124

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