So here’s another update on the whole ads thing.
Again, the reason I keep posting about this is because I want to be honest from the get go about ads, whether I make money from this and all that jazz.
This morning I got a cool little email from YouTube about whether or not I wanted to start monetizing my videos because I “might be eligible”.
I’ve decided to go ahead with that so you will be seeing ads (I don’t actually know in what form, if it’s going to be an ad before the video, or just little pop ups at the bottom) in my videos and YouTube channels.
Again, the amount that I make is SO minimal. Since January (or possibly February?), when I opened my AdSense account I’ve made about $8 now. That’s barely 1 OPI Nail Polish haha.
I do just want this to be out there though and not something that just randomly happens that so many people for some reason hide and lie about until they become a YouTube Partner.
For the record, I am not a Partner. I have applied once and was denied because I don’t have enough subscribers. This is solely just placing Ads on the video and on my channel.
At this point, I think the only other benefit to being a Partner is just so you can put your own picture as the screenshot when videos pop up in your subsriber feed, now that I think about it.
So that’s it for now. Hope you all are well!

One thought on “YouTube Account Monetization

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