Last makeup stop was Sephora. I really only came to get refills of stuff that I love and always repurchase. I hate that everything needs to be refilled all at the same time. Makes me go broke!
This post isn’t that exciting, but I did get some new versions of old things, so there are photos of that after the jump. 
Stuff that isn’t included into this post is the face soap and the face and eye primer. 

Clarisonic Deep Pore Cleansing Replacement Brush Head
Clarisonic just released a new version of their face brush, the deep pore cleansing brush. The other ones they have are “normal” and “sensitive’ and something else that doesn’t really apply to those who have oily skin. The other brushes, well I can only assume “others” because the “normal” one had softer bristles and I felt like wasn’t as deep cleaning as I want. Of course it was, but you all know I like things to be a little bit more rough.
This is perfect. It’s got stiffer bristles and I feel like really gets deep. The girl at Sephora even said “it’s AMAZING! You have to try it!!!”.
Jack Black Intense Therapy Lip Balm
This I found at the register in those “sale” bins. Most of the time they aren’t sales, but then I saw this and thought “huh… it’s actually a good deal!”.
Normally, each lip balm is $7.50 so already it’s cheap. The flavors on these are different as well. Individually, I only bought these balms in Mint and Lemon & Chamomile. The fact that these came in a Grapefruit & Ginger and Black Tea & Blackberry variety made this purchase even better.
The formula is the same, so they’re amazingly moisturizing and really help the skin on your lips be conditioned. 
These can be purchased individually, and there’s a Vanilla & Lavender version as well.

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