Next stop was Mac. Kate and I stopped by after Macy’s since we now have a freestanding Mac store in our nearest mall. 
I was only looking to purchase one thing in particular, just one of the lipsticks from the new Mac Semi-Precious Collection, which was this year’s big mineralize collection (last year being the one with Stereo Rose). 
I ended up picking up one last thing from Surf, Baby! and then some permanent items just as refills and just because I figured I should start going over readily available products.
Photos and Swatches after the jump!
Painterly Paint Pot
Mac Painterly Paint Pot,warmvanillasugar0823Mac Painterly Paint Pot,warmvanillasugar0823Mac Painterly Paint Pot,warmvanillasugar0823
This is one of those products that have been on my list for a long, long time. I love Mac’s Paint Pots. I feel like I get a great amount of product for the price. For example, the Benefit Creaseless Cream shadows are 0.16 oz for $19, whereas the paint pots are 0.17 oz for $16.50.
Painterly is one of the matte skin toned paint pots. Soft Ochre is the more yellow of the skin tone Paint Pots. I love this because it works as n eye shadow base, as a concealer, and it’s very creamy but dries to a non-creasing finish.
In a jam, I used this as my concealer. I’m an NC25, and this has pinky undertones but worked great to cover under my eyes.
I’ve been using it daily since I purchased it. It’s amazing. And baffling that I hadn’t purchased it until now.
Concrete Eye Shadow
Mac Concrete Eye Shadow,warmvanillasugar0823Mac Concrete Eye Shadow,warmvanillasugar0823
I’ve been looking for a matte, taupey, greige eye shadow for a long time. I had been holding off for a while, just so I could check them out at Mac or until I ended up picking out colors from Inglot. 
I ended up going to Mac first before I picked out Inglot colors so this is the one I picked.
Concrete is a satin finish so it’s not completely matte. But it swatches pretty matte. It’s just a very nice gray brown that can lean gray or can lean brown depending what you pair it with. This has definitely become one of my favorite colors because it’s so wearable and because I can see myself using this a lot, especially in the fall.
Strange Potion Lipglass from Surf, Baby!
Mac Strange Potion Lip Glass,Mac Surf Baby Collection,warmvanillasugar0823
This was the one other thing that I ended up picking up from Surf, Baby! I hadn’t planned on purchasing it because I passed on it when it was first released with Venomous Villains but decided that if they had it when I went to Mac that I would purchase it. And now here it is haha. 
It’s actually a perfect summer gloss. It’s got the tiniest hint of shimmer in the coral pink base. It’s decently pigmented as all the lipglasses by Mac are. 
Mac Strange Potion Lip Glass,Mac Surf Baby Collection,warmvanillasugar0823Mac Strange Potion Lip Glass,Mac Surf Baby Collection,warmvanillasugar0823
Gem Of Roses Lipstick from Semi-Precious
Mac Gem Of Roses Lipstick,Mac Semi-Precious Collection,warmvanillasugar0823Mac Gem Of Roses Lipstick,Mac Semi-Precious Collection,warmvanillasugar0823
This was the only thing that I ended up wanting from Semi-Precious. The MSF’s are great and all, but at the end of the day, the lighter highlighty colors all end up the smae, and the bronzey colors also all end up the same. The blushy ones are normally the most unique but I have so many other colors on my wishlist, that another MSF is really not a realistic purchase.
So, I sort of skipped over all the face and eye products, and just bought this one lipstick. It’s a Lustre finish, so it’s not super pigmented and has a tinge of gloss o it. It’s a nice warm berry pink. Something that will pair nicely with my new Rimmel lipgloss.

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