So there isn’t much to say about this haul. It’s pretty straight forward… the products do as they advertise and these scents have been out for quite some time so I’m not going to go into that. I just have pictures of each thing I bought in case you wanted to see haha.
I will say that I hadn’t tried the foaming soap before, and since it was 75% off, I bought 2 and they’re AMAZING. The soap doesn’t dry out my skin and the scent lingers. If you have the chance to get them at that discount totally do it! Originally they’re $5 so I got them for about $1.25. I was stoked.
The Slatkin Candle smells like Bubbalicious Gum in a candle so I’ve had that open in my room for days. It’s amazing. I’m addicted to it. That was 50% off.
And the pocket bacs were standardly 5 for $5 so I got 5 in the scents that are discontinued after summer. 
If you can get to a BBW soon, GO GO GO! The ridiculous 75% off won’t be around for much longer so go take advantage of it!

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