Essie Red Nouveau,warmvanillasugar0823

I ended up doing a 4th of July manicure because I just like doing festive manicures!
Obviously the theme would be very patriotic red and blue. Last year I did a red/white/blue konadicure because I went through a super Konad kick but this year I had a whole new lot of glittery polishes so I decided to use them instead.
This manicure can work for anything really that is red and blue themed – sports themes, school colors and the like. 
The colors I used were Red Nouveau by Essie, Dorothy Who? by China Glaze (for the red and blue shimmer, respectively).
Below you can see photos of both of those polishes without anything on top:

Essie Red Nouveau,warmvanillasugar0823China Glaze Dorothy Who?,warmvanillasugar0823Red Nouveau by Essie / Dorothy Who? by China GlazeRed Nouveau was released last year in the spring, and is a bright summer red creme. It’s the perfect 40’s red nail. Not as deep as a 20’s red, not as bright and slightly orange as a 50’s red. It’s one of the best summer reds, in my opinion.It’s very pigmented. I used 2 coats. It doesn’t have the slightest hint of jellyness to it like some reds can have. In fact, it doesn’t dry glossy, as you can see above. It has almost a satin finish. Almost. Not entirely. It dries pretty quickly as well.Dorothy Who? Is a glittery, jelly Crayola Blue color. The glitter isn’t huge, it’s almost like a shimmer. It’s beautiful. This is on the sheer side, so it needed about 4 coats, and thus took slightly longer to dry. Essie can be found at CVS, Salons, Bed Bath & Beyond and beauty supply stores and retail between $7 and $9. China Glaze can be found at Ulta, Sally’s Beauty Supply and other beauty retailers and retail between $3 and $6. Read more for info on the glitter!OPI I Juggle...Men,warmvanillasugar0823China Glaze Fairy Dust,warmvanillasugar0823OPI Servin Up Sparkle,warmvanillasugar0823These are the 3 glitters I used to make the nails more festive… sort of reminiscent of fireworks, right?On the red, I layered OPI’s I Juggle…Men and China Glaze’s Fairy Dust. The photo on the far left is just a layer of I Juggle…Men over Red Nouveau. It’s so hard to photograph because it’s the slightest but most beautiful shimmer. Really it’s one of those glitters that only you know is there, or if somebody gets super close to your nail then they can see it definitively. When they look at your nails from afar though it gives it a little special twinkle though, sort of a glowy magical twinkle. Very pretty.The photo in the middle is Fairy Dust layered over Red Nouveau. It’s just a fine holographic glitter and also gives a nice, and more noticeable kick. Together, the shimmers both play off each other and make a very unique sparkle to the nail (you can see both layered in the photo at the very top of the post).The 3rd photo is a layer of OPI’s Servin’ Up Sparkle over Dorothy Who?. I really just added it to make it uber glittery. The big glitters are difficult to get out of the bottle so there are like 3 coats of the glitter on that nail. The glitter is amazing though, so it’s worth it.

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