I am constantly on the search for a fix for oily skin, and my makeup. Anybody that has oily skin knows that having perfect makeup for 16 hours without touchups is pretty much impossible.
With the discovery of my favorite tip ever by Wayne Goss, I’ve decided to do a mini-series of video reviews of all the things I’ve successfully and unsuccessfully tried for my oily skin (and hair… there is 1 shampoo review).
First up, the Skindinavia No More Shine Setting Spray.
This was all the buzz on YouTube with the “OMG IT WORKS SO WELL!!!!” news. Really though, it doesn’t. At least the way it’s supposed to.
It, for me, is great is a primer. I mix it into my Laura Mercier Oil Free and it helps my makeup stick onto my face beautifully.
As a setting spray over makeup? Not my thing.

As a note, I’m not going to do a video on the Clean and Clear Mattifying Moisturizer, or the Clinique 3 Step Skin Care, since I’ve already talked about them. I’ve also not going to do a video on the Laura Mercier Oil Free Primer, unless you all really want me to, because I’ve already talked about it so much.

Skindinavia can be found on their website.

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