I just added a new page up above where you can click the word “NOTW” and it will lead you to a gallery of all my previous NOTW posts. They are currently organized by color, not by brand.

Another random update – YouTube has decided to allow two more of my videos to be entered into their Revenue Sharing Program. Remember when my China Glaze Top 10 video got “partnered for a video”? Same deal. It also randomly put ads next to my most recent vlog (“Sergio and i were in a music video”). But they didn’t email me to ask to enter that video, it just sort of appeared. So that’s exciting.

I also am in the Sigma Makeup Affiliates Program, which is a way for people to be affiliated with Sigma and to have affiliate links. This is where you can link to Sigma, but the link you provide is specifically for you, so you get a (very very small) percentage of all the sales from your links. So, all of those ads are specific to my link. If you click on those boxes and ads, and directly purchase from those ads then I will receive a very small percentage from it. Also if you see any links to sigma in my writing or in the description box from my videos, those are affiliate links as well.

I’m tell you this so that you know beforehand that I am going to get a percentage from it. If you don’t feel like purchasing from those affiliate links, then just go google and type in “Sigma Makeup” and it will direct you to their site without my affiliate number.

I have reviewed Sigma in the past, and was not in their affiliate program at that time. I joined… 2 months ago? Then forgot to do anything about it because it was right when my computer broke. I still stand by my review and nothing has changed in that – I think they put on a front to those that will give them extremely positive coverage, but at the end of the day the quality you get for the price is really only matched (and surpassed) by Crown Brushes. It’s really a fraction of the price you pay for Mac brushes, for only slightly less high quality. I’m still annoyed that my brushes seemed like they weren’t cared for when they were sent to me, but I do use those brushes daily, especially the face brushes.

As a little window into ads and how much people make, I’m sure that people with thousands of subscribers make quite a bit of money, but since I first started putting ads into my blog in January I’ve made just over $5. Go me lol.

I’m sure most of you don’t care about all of this, but I just wanted to be upfront about it so you don’t think I’m doing this just to make money. I truly love nail polish, makeup, skin care and hair care so I do this. If I ever become a YouTube partner, I’ll update again to let you know that I am either applying or have been accepted or whatever. Really the only reason at this point (it used to be that Partners could make videos as long as they want but it doesn’t matter anymore, at least for me) that I’d apply is so that I can put my own personal screenshot as the teaser for the video when it pops up in subscribers feeds, instead of the screenshot that YouTube picks. Those are always awful lol.

So that’s the update on the whole ads/affiliates thing. I really do this because I love it and I want to thank you all for reading and watching and subscribing and following. It’s cool knowing that there are more out there like me that love all this as much as I do.

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