Wayne Goss is a God. Period.
For those of you who don’t know, Wayne Goss is a makeup artist from the UK and is brilliant. His videos (like to YouTube page HERE) are all very quick and very helpful, and he doesn’t just go and show complicated things, which some makeup artists can do, which is fine, but he also goes back to the basics – how to apply blush, hoe to use a blending brush, for example.
His most recent video, about creating a flawless base, finally spoke to me.
In a previous video, he talked about pressing powders onto the face with a puff, and I heard it but I didn’t listen. I figured “I have brushes, that’s what they’re for”.
But today, I decided to try it. And it made a HUGE difference.
If you click the links that I’ve embedded in the writing above, it will take you to his pages so you can hear him talk about it more clearly, but I can guarantee you, that it makes the biggest difference in the world.
I have super oily skin. And for me, the thing that I always am looking to fix is to keep my skin from looking oily after a couple of hours.
I’ve talked about this problem recently in the Clean and Clear Mattifying Moisturizer posts. I didn’t have the biggest expectation for this technique to make a difference, to be honest. But it totally did.
Right after application, my makeup looked amazing. Set, and done, and clearly, I was made up, but It looked amazing. No slight hint of oil starting to seep through, like it does normally. Just matte, and good looking.

I went to work, (I walked there) did some work in the office (not the pool) but went in and out of the building. Walked to Starbucks to meet up with my mom, then we came home and picked up my brother and drove to a friend’s house, to drop off a gift, then ran some errands. It was about 85˚ today so it was warm. Slightly humid as well.
We did a lot of errand walking – short distances, but constant. Then we came home.
And let me tell you, I was completely expecting my face to be super shiny – oily and shiny and just… like always. NOPE. My skin was barely starting to show signs of shininess. It was so… odd. I didn’t realize pressing powder would make THAT much of a difference.
In the video, I talk about it more, but I just wanted to share this technique with you all, especially those of you that have oily skin like I do. It made the biggest difference for me and totally changes my routine completely.
This is definitely something I will be doing from now on because I can’t image not doing it anymore.

Makeup after all day, without pressing powder on face
Makeup after all day, with pressing powder on face (Left: no flash, Right: Flash)

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