I was most nervous about this tutorial because well, the Minnesota Wild jersey’s are HIDEOUS. That isn’t meant to insult those of you that are Wild fans, but I mean come on. They’re just not aesthetically pleasing in the slightest.
But, it just so happens that the look I ended up doing for this has become one of my go to summer looks.
Minnesota’s colors are Forest Green, Iron Range Red, Harvest Gold, Minnesota Wheat and White. The look I came up with is a gold lid with a black liquid liner, a forest green on the lower lashes and a nice red stained lip.
It’s super simple, and one of those looks that is easily dupe-able with products that you have in your own stash, not necessarily the ones that I use… some of the brighter and bolder looks sort of need a good quality colored product, hence I do recommend to people that they pick up certain products. This though? Super simple, and super wearable.
Products are after the jump!


Products Used:
– Too Faced Shadow Insuranc
– Urban Decay Primer Potion “Greed”, Mac 239/Loew Cornelle 3/8
– Mac Pigment “Vanilla”
– Mac Pigment “Surf The Ocean” Pigment Stack, Gold (Urban Decay Half Baked/Baked will be good for this)
– Mac Pigment “Lithe”
– Sleek iDivine Storm Palette – Matte Brown, Matte Dark Brown. Sigma 222, Mac 224
– Mac Powerpoint Eye Pencil “Tealo”. Coastal Scents 88 Palette, matte green. Sigma 219
– L’Oreal Carbon Intense Liquid Liner with felt tip
– Mascara of choice
– Mac Shell Pearl Beauty Powder (any peachy/glowy blush – Orgasm, Elf’s orgasm dupe, for example)
– Mac To The Beach Collection cream bronzer (only one I have… but again, any bronzer for you will do)
– OCC Lip Tar “Vintage” for stain. Nars’ Matte lipstick pencils work great for this. Revlon and Cover Girl lipstains are good for the price.


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