PhotobucketPhotobucketSo I said that I’d do a second post about the Clean & Clear Mattifying Moisturizer, about how it fared after putting makeup on it and how it fared after being on in an indoor pool all day. This is how it fared.The left side is my makeup before work, right after I applied it. The right side is the makeup after work. I had a 3 hour shift, and the day was about 70˚. I walked to and from work, it was about 30 mins of walking cumulatively. It was slightly humid outside. The conditions inside the pool were humid and greenhouse like. It’s an indoor pool so it gets stuffy and it’s warmer in there than outside.That being said, my makeup did pretty well.I did use other mattifying products – Laura Mercier’s Oil Free primer, Urban Decay’s De-slick In A Tube, Skindinavia’s No More Shine Setting Spray. The foundation I used was the Laura Mercier Silk Creme Foundation, which is a more luminous (but not completely luminous) foundation.My face wasn’t as shiny as it looks in the photo on the right. The camera just picks up a lot more shine on my face than in real life.Did the Clean and Clear do a little extra to get my face less shiny? I don’t think so. The amount of shine on my face was the same as it was when I didn’t use the product.Will I continue to use it? Yes. Because it has SPF in it and it’s a pretty good moisturizer in general. Will I repurchase it? Perhaps. Since it’s summer. I can’t see myself purchasing it all year though.

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