Clean and Clear Mattifying Moisturizer,warmvanillasugar0823Clean and Clear Mattifying Moisturizer,warmvanillasugar0823
I picked this up at my local CVS about a week ago. I wasn’t displeased with my moisturizer, but I was on the hunt for new mattifying products.
The product that I currently use for that is a tiny sample size of Urban Decay’s De-Slick in a tube and that stuff is ultra powerful. I normally only tap the slightest amount of that in my T-Zone. It keeps me oil free but at the same time if you layer makeup over it, it can really start to look gross as the day goes on.
Other brands like Mac and Make Up For Ever make matte creams as well but I have yet to pick them up and try them.
This is where this comes in. Blair (Juicystar007) mentioned it in her favorites video, and although I don’t take all of her reviews seriously, this product did catch my attention.
I have ridiculously oily skin. I really do. It gets oily within an hour of washing my face and doing my makeup, and that’s if I stay inside and don’t move and just sit still. If I go out then it gets oily within 30 mins, and it gets ANNOYING.
I use the Clinique 3 Step Skin Care system which does help regulate oil, but moreso it helps regulate the shape in which my skin is in – how clean it is, how happy it looks, not necessarily how oily it gets.
So when she mentioned this product I figured “why not” since it is only a drugstore product and wouldn’t cost me that much, like other products that I have tried that she’s recommended that are much more than just a casual buy at CVS. 
This product is an oil-free, mattifying, SPF moisturizer. Right there are 3 buzz-words that always suck me in. I always have to go for oil-free. Mattifying is a plus, and SPF is super important to me. 
It’s between $6 and $8 at drugstores and everywhere Clean & Clear can be found.

It’s not as big of a tube as I thought it would be. It’s pretty thin and about the length of my hand.
The product itself is a very very faint pink colored cream, that has the consistency of sunscreen, which makes sense since it has SPF 15 and UVA/UVB protection.
It also smells slightly like sunscreen, but it doesn’t feel like sunscreen when you’re actually applying it. It dries pretty quickly so the direction “use liberally” is totally applicable. If you don’t use enough (which I did the first time) the texture gets very dry very quickly and becomes difficult to spread through the whole face and makes the face feel very stiff.
I added a little bit more (the total amount that I used was about twice of the amount in the picture shown above) and it was much more comfortable on the skin. Even when I applied more, it didn’t make my skin feel loaded with product and it didn’t make the mattifying process stronger, as it would with the Urban Decay product. The more you use with the Urban Decay, the more stiff everything gets.
One thing about this product though is that it does tint the face slightly white and slightly pink (very slightly for the pink). It’s for sure not something you’d want to wear on it’s own and go out since it will make a difference in the color of your skin if you’re any darker than a very very fair complexion.
I have yet to try it with makeup, which I will do tomorrow, and will post again with my thoughts after using it with makeup.
For now my plans are that I use this in the morning before I put on my makeup and use my Clinique at night since it is more moisturizing and there’s no use in using a mattifying moisturizer at night before going to bed.
Below are photos of before, right after application and at the end of the day. Today I just used the moisturizer to see how it holds up on it’s own without any other products that also claim to absorb oil and to help keep the face matte all day (primers, foundations, powders etc.).
Today it was pretty hot – it got up to 84˚ and it was pretty humid. I was also doing a fair amount of heavy lifting (I’m helping my mom bring things back and forth from our storage unit to our house) and we did a lot of yard work. So, please keep all that in mind when looking at the “end of day” result; I did sweat quite a bit and it was just SO hot (at least for me, I know it gets way hotter in other places).
The thing is I know I took that about an hour after I stopped working after the peak of the heat but now (about 9:30 pm) it has greatly cooled off and I’m not moving anymore and I can feel less oil on my face. Perhaps the moisturizer did absorb something in the cooling down period? I don’t know. 

warmvanillasugar0823warmvanillasugar0823warmvanillasugar0823Pre-moisturizer / Immediately after moisturizer / End of day photo
Again, tomorrow I plan on wearing makeup over the moisturizer to see how it fares with products on top of it. I am also working at the pool tomorrow (I work in an indoor pool) and it’s supposed to get pretty hot tomorrow so we’ll see how it does in the worst of the heat/humidity that I’ll encounter on a regular basis.The pool is also how I test foundations, primers and other setting sprays and mattifyers.

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