Sally Hansen Crackle Overcoat,Sally Hansen Distressed Denim,Sally Hansen Spilled Ink,Sally Hansen Antiqued Gold,warmvanillasugar0823I went to Walgreens today and saw the Sally Hansen Crackle Overcoat polishes and decided to pick a few up. There are 5 other colors to choose as well – white, pink, red, purple and silver. I actually was looking for a silver but there weren’t any left at the store so I decided to get the gold instead.They’re about $7.50 each and look almost like the OPI Shatters. The lid has a crackle pattern which OPI did with theirs. The colors come in creme, shimmer and foiled formulas. In the light in Walgreens the purple looked like the only one with a slight shimmer. The gold and silver were the only foils, the rest were cremes.The blue, “Distressed Denim” is a straight blue creme. It’s almost a jelly.The black, “Spilled Ink” is an opaque black creme.The gold, “Antiqued Gold” is a gold foil, pretty much the same color as Orly’s Luxe or OPI’s Glitzerland.I believe these can be found in all drugstores including CVS, Walgreens and wherever Sally Hansen can be found.Sally Hansen Crackle Overcoat,Sally Hansen Distressed Denim,Sally Hansen Spilled Ink,Sally Hansen Antiqued Gold,warmvanillasugar0823Distressed Denim, Spilled Ink, Antiqued Gold

Formula wise the only color that I can really recommend is the blue crackle. It’s the only one that didn’t seem to have any “huh” moments.
The black cracks very dramatically. It pulls away from the nail edge quite obviously, which the blue didn’t. And the gold didn’t really crack at all.
Of course this all can depend on the amount of the polish that you use. 
The brushes that Sally Hansen uses are small and short, but flexible, which is better for shorter and smaller nails.
Comparisons of color and formula are after the jump!

Sally Hansen Antiqued Gold,warmvanillasugar0823OPI Silver Shatter,warmvanillasugar0823Antiqued Gold vs OPI Silver Shatter

I decided to compare these 2 because they’re both foil finishes. As you can see, the foil texture in both of these polishes definitely has an effect on how these types of polishes crack, it’s not just the brand. In both the OPI and Sally Hansen polishes, I’ve found that the foil finish makes the polishes crack bigger. If you use less polish, the color of the foil, whether it be gold or silver, is really sheer so when it crackles it’s thin and more “crackly” but the color isn’t opaque enough and it’s really difficult to distinguish between the top coat and the color underneath. It ends up looking like you just did a sheer wash of a foil on top of a regular nail polish.
The Sally Hansen color definitely separated less than the OPI though. Antiqued Gold is a very pretty color but it’s (for me) too chunky to be used thickly over a polish. If you prefer bigger pieces though, then maybe this is something you’d be interested in.

Sally Hansen Spilled Ink,warmvanillasugar0823OPI Black Shatter,warmvanillasugar0823Spilled Ink vs OPI Black Shatter

To start off, I used quite a bit of polish for the Spilled Ink swatch, so that’s why the pieces are so big. I used a medium amount for Black Shatter which is why it looks so picturesque in terms of Shatter/Crackle Polish swatches. What struck me as odd though was how much Spilled Ink pulled away from the edges. It definitely shrunk inwards instead of just cracking apart as the Black Shatter does. Perhaps if I used much less polish then Spilled Ink would just break apart instead of shrinking inwards? I don’t know. Neither of the other 2 shrunk inwards though.

Sally Hansen Distressed Denim,warmvanillasugar0823OPI Blue Shatter,warmvanillasugar0823Distressed Denim vs. OPI Blue Shatter

For this I know the formulas and colors are different so there really is less of a point to compare them but I thought I would anyways because I know somebody will ask.
Distressed Denim is a creme (almost jelly) Crayola Blue color. It had the best results of the 3 that I purchased as it didn’t pull from the edges, and it cracked pretty nicely in both thin and thicker coats.
Blue Shatter is a slightly shimmery blue that’s lighter but still crackles pretty nicely. If you’re having a hard time locating Blue Shatter then definitely check out Distressed Denim as it’s not a bad replacement and works pretty well.

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