I need to get better at posting swatches. Or just not impulsively just buying random nail polishes. Oh wait. That’s never going to happen. So I just need to get better at posting swatches.

Here’s just a collection of random swatches from nail polishes that I’ve harvested over the past month and a half, and they didn’t belong to a large collection, or I just didn’t purchase any from the collection, so they really had no place but with each other in this Miscellaneous Nail Polish post.

OPI Pink Me I'm Good,warmvanillasugar0823OPI Pink Me I'm Good,warmvanillasugar0823OPI Pink Me I'm Good,warmvanillasugar0823
Pink Me I’m good

This I found at CVS. It was all by its lonesome, the only one of it’s kind. I knew that it wasn’t part of any recent collection because I had all the ones I had wanted from the recent collections. So, seeing that it was unique, and that I hadn’t heard anything about it, I got it.
When swatched, it was annoying. But pretty. But annoying. The formula isn’t that great. It’s sticky, and goopy and sheer. Weird right? It’s a bright, slightly translucent pink, with lots of fine, gold glitter pieces. The gold glitter is also somewhat translucent as well.
I typed “Pink Me I’m Good” into the Googlemachine and I found that it was part of an Ulta exclusive set. I have no Ulta’s near me so I was happy to have come across it at CVS.
Which got me thinking that the OPI colors that CVS sells are like… reject, “nobody took me home :(” polishes lol. I’m happy he (yes, it’s a he) is in my collection, even though it wasn’t the best polish, because I felt like I gave him a home haha. Sort of a theme with this post I guess.

Color Club Revvvolution,warmvanillasugar0823Color Club Revvvolution,warmvanillasugar0823Color Club Revvvolution,warmvanillasugar0823Revvvolution

This color I found out about when browsing through the Color Club posts that Scrangie has. I immediately saw it and went “ooooohhhhhh” out loud in class. Twas embarrassing. The dude sitting next to me thought it was cool though, after he looked over to see what I was “oooohhhhh”ing at. 
This is a black holographic nail polish. Black holo. What what??? Right??? And the name just makes it a thousand times better.
Look at how strong the holo is! You can see the distinct rainbow! I’m so proud of those pictures lol.
The formula was great on this too. Fast dry, and super opaque. Look at how thick the first coat is! This polish is to die for. I completely recommend getting it. I got it on TransDesign.

Color Club Untamed Luxury,warmvanillasugar0823Color Club Untamed Luxury,warmvanillasugar0823
Untamed Luxury

This was another to die for shade because it’s a turquoise/teal glitter. Right up my alley lol. First coat, you get mostly the base color which is a translucent turquoise color, and sparse amounts of glitter. Then on second and third coats, the glitter becomes thicker. It’s beautiful.
This also had a great drying time.
I love that Color Club polishes are so inexpensive, yet are always a pleasure to work with.

Color Club Si Vous Please!,warmvanillasugar0823Color Club Si Vous Please!,warmvanillasugar0823Color Club Si Vous Please!,warmvanillasugar0823
Si Vous Please!

Si Vous Please! is another color I’m in love with. It’s a clear base with opalescent and tiny blue glitter bits. It’s obviously meant for layering.
I’m guessing it’s very similar to the OPI color that just came out with their mini soft shades collection about circuses. They had a color, meant for layering, that was filled with tiny blue opalescent glitter bits. I think these are a bit rougher and packed, where the OPI shade seemed more sparse and fine. I like that this came with a more packed glitter though. If I want to layer I want it to look like they’re not accidental glitter pieces! (Although I’ll probably end up getting one of the OPIs anyways. Because that’s how I roll lol).

China Glaze White Cap,warmvanillasugar0823China Glaze White Cap,warmvanillasugar0823China Glaze White Cap,warmvanillasugar0823White Cap

This was from their Anchors Away collection, which to me was a whole collection of BLAH except for this one. This was presumably made for layering as it’s so sheer. 
It’s a very sheer, pearly white base with lots of gold shimmer bits. It reminds me a lot of Chilled On Ice paint pot from Mac’s Cham Pale collection (which I loved). 
I can really only assume that most people are layering this, because most people hate super sheer polishes, but because it’s so different from the normal layering, sheer, shimmer polish, I’d probably wear it on it’s own. It reminds me a lot of the shimmer that’s infused into Zoya’s Sunshine collection. 
Gorgeous. It’s a great alternative to safe work colors. If you want something with a kick that isn’t too obvious, then I’d just go 3 coats of this on the nails. Shimmery, glam, but safe. Great for summer as well as winter.
Formula for this was standard China Glaze – dependable and easy.

China Glaze Secret Periwinkle,warmvanillasugar0823China Glaze Secret Periwinkle,warmvanillasugar0823
Secret Per-i-wink-le

I have no clue why China Glaze decided to separate the name like that but it’s annoying. At least to type. This is a darker periwinkle color. I always though periwinkle as a little less blue and slightly more lilac than this. It’s a good creme finish, 2 coats is sufficient. And it applies very smoothly. 

OPI Brand New Skates,warmvanillasugar0823OPI Brand New Skates,warmvanillasugar0823OPI Brand New Skates,warmvanillasugar0823
Brand New Skates This was originally from the OPI Holiday In Toyland collection from 2 years ago. It’s a lighter gunmetal gray with gold specks of glitter. Another CVS find. There were 2 and I bought both and sent one to Davensara.It’s on the thinner side, but 3 coats really brings out the color and gold specks. It’s definitely unique. 
OPI Sweetheart,warmvanillasugar0823OPI Sweetheart,warmvanillasugar0823
Sweet HeartI’ll be totally honest, I bought this because Blair and Elle talked about it all the time I went and saw it at the store, and thought “it looks exactly like Bubble Bath”, but I bought it anyways because my bottle of Bubble Bath is crap.This color is just another soft pink. Great for work, weddings, everyday etc. The formula is SO MUCH BETTER than my bottle of Bubble Bath though! It’s not watery and is pretty opaque in 2 coats.

2 thoughts on “Misc. Nail Polish Swatch Post

  1. HI im ELLIE~ LOVE ur Ch. 🙂 have i told u that u got me obsses w/nail polishes, I watch ur whole entired video of nail swatches, but at least I don't bite my nails N e more 🙂 cus of nail polish. Do u know of a dupe for secret perry winkle?? From the drugstore 😉 thx<3


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