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This will eventually be a supplemental post for a video review that I do on the argan oil products I have used. 
I have a video on the Josie Maran Argan Oil Hair Serum, which I absolutely loved, and you can see it here:
This is the second argan oil product that I’ve used. 
In short, argan oil is an oil that is found in trees in Morocco and have been used for centuries to help with hair and skin and nail and other (as far as I know) integumentary parts of the body. That was probably the loosest definition of argan oil ever lol. 
To get to the point, a lot of companies have been incorporating products in their line with argan oil in it because it’s the new staple when it comes to hair care. 
It’s been a while since it first became popular. The most famous and probably the most popular brand would probably be Moroccan Oil. A lot of people refer to argan oil as “Moroccan Oil”, because again it hails from Morocco.In general my experience with Moroccan Oil is a positive one. It’s my second (first being Josie Maran, third being Organix which will be reviewed later) argan oil product that I’ve used and to be honest, when I started using it I expected the most out of it from the beginning.
Because it is the “brand name” argan oil product, I definitely expected it to “out perform” the Josie Maran. By oz, I did pay much more for this as well. This was $20 at my local beauty supply store (which I have found is the average price for beauty/salon products like nail polish and hair care items).
The Josie Maran oil was $30 for 2 fl. oz. I got more than twice as much for the Josie Maran oil, for only $10 more.
The Josie Maran oil also came with a pump on the top of it, and the box itself had more information. The box part may have no effect whatsoever to some of you, but I like knowing what I’m putting in my hair, what to do with it, and the story behind it. It gives for some happy thoughts for “intellectuals” like me and I feel like it always makes me trust a company a little more.
Moroccan Oil,warmvanillasugar0823
As for the product itself, I did feel that paying the extra money did become justified a little after using the product.
Compared to the Josie Maran, Moroccan Oil had a sweet, nutty smell and is also a different color (yellow as compared to transparent). The Josie Maran didn’t really have a smell. If anything it smelled like vegetable oil and of recycled goods.
The consistency of the oils were the same. It’s in straight in between thick and watery. It’s well… sort of like vegetable oil. A little less thin. 
What I did was 2 different things. The thing I did more regularly with the oil was apply about a quarter sized amount into my palms after I towel dried my hair, rubbed them together then applied it to the ends and damaged parts of my hair, never my roots. The more damaged parts would be the underside (the layer right around my neck) and the ends of the layer on the front. 
It absorbed into my hair pretty quickly and made my hair smell nice. It also made my hair dry faster (I mainly just air dry my hair. I rarely blow dry it). Within a couple days of using the product I did feel like my hair was getting stronger and healthier. It looked shinier as well.
As a note, there was about 6 weeks between running out of the Josie Maran and using the Moroccan Oil.
The other thing I did with the Moroccan Oil was to mix it into my non-daily conditioner and make it into a pseudo hair mask. 
For a while, I used my Redken All Soft as my daily (not literally daily, just the conditioner I used regularly) conditioner but then started to only use it when I needed to more deeply treat my hair. My daily conditioner then became Tres Semme (it’s the one that pairs with their clarifying shampoo). The Redken just started to get a little too heavy for regular use and started to weigh my hair down.
So, when I needed a more deeper conditioning, I would mix about a quarter sized amount of the Moroccan Oil into a dollop of conditioner, mix it up, and let it sit in my hair through my whole shower as a quick and effective pseudo hair mask. After doing that my hair was always very soft, manageable, and silky.
Overall, I feel like the amount in which the oil made my hair feel healthier was slightly more than the Josie Maran. I did also like the fact that it had a pleasant smell to it. 
The fact that the Josie Maran came with a pump made it much easier to control. The Moroccan Oil just came with a wide opening. 
Moroccan Oil can be purchased at beauty supply stores as well as I assume Ulta. The company also makes other products including argan oil such as Hair Masks and such as conditioners.

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