Florida Panthers,warmvanillasugar0823

This is probably one of my favorites of all the tutorials. I didn’t think it’d turn out this way at all.This is for the Florida Panthers, and their colors are Blue, Gold, Red and White. I based it off their logo, where the colors aren’t all that bright, but more “neutralized” (is the word I used in the tutorial) and have more brown tones in them. Thank you Florida Panthers, it’s as if you had known I was going to do a makeup tutorial based on your team and made the colors more wearable lol.I used mostly non Mac products. I decided to do that so I a) use my other products and b) don’t focus all my videos around Mac.If you were wondering how to make blue eyeshadow wearable, I feel like this is a good tutorial for it. Not to toot my own horn. But I feel like it’s wearable, not too harsh, and not overwhelming, which is something that is easily done with blue eyeshadow. It’s easy to get carried away with it if you’re not doing a smokey eye.To pair the eyes, I gave it a “neutralized” red lip. Not a bright red, more of a berry red, with a nice gloss to it so it’s not too extreme.Photos and a full list of products are after the jump!

Florida Panthers,warmvanillasugar0823Florida Panthers,warmvanillasugar0823Florida Panthers,warmvanillasugar0823

Products Used:
– Milani Liqui’Fye Eye Pencil “04 Aqua”
Kat Von D Metal Orchestra Eye Shadow Palette. “Thrasher”, Loew Cornelle 3/8. “Techno”, Sigma E45.
– Sleek iDivine Eye Shadow Palette “Storm”. Sigma SS222.
– Black liner/mascara
Benefit Dandelion. Sigma F15
Benefit Hoola. Sigma SS168
– Clinique Lipstick “Tender Heart”
– Nars Lip Gloss “Strawberry Fields”.

Florida Panthers,warmvanillasugar0823Florida Panthers,warmvanillasugar0823

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