About 3 weeks ago I got a huge box in the mail from one of my new friends on YouTube, Sara. She contacted me about whether I’d be interested in some Canadian makeup brands and I couldn’t resist and said “Yes!”.
I hadn’t ever tried Canadian makeup before, but am always open to foreign brands. I had such good experiences with Sleek (a UK based brand) and some Japanese bath products that I really have become open to trying brands that are sold elsewhere. That doesn’t mean I’m asking you to send me stuff, by the way. I just have gotten to the point where I want to expand my collection outwards from the US available bubble.
I was in no way expecting THIS many products at all, so a quick shout out to Sara: THANK YOU SO MUCH!
I sent her some things from here as well but wasn’t expecting to get so many goodies 🙂


First thing I got was the Scentsy Authentic Warmer and 3 Scentsy blocks. I can’t wait to melt them they smell so good!
I’m a sucker for candles/scented products so this was definitely exciting for me to get. The warmer is so cute too!
Pearberry is a nice, mixed berry scent with a slight hint of pear. Great for summer. Fried Ice Cream is totally right up my alley with a good bakery like scent. And Bubblegum smells exactly like the Act Bubblegum Mouthwash that I was obsessed with as a child.


Gosh Cosmetics Nail Polish – 564 Golden DragonPhotobucketPhotobucket

Very pigmented emerald green with a gold shimmer. It has the slightest hint of blue in it which makes it very reptilian to me. Haven’t ever used Gosh before and liked the formula. It wasn’t too runny but wasn’t thick at all. The brush is on the thinner side. The drying time was pretty good as well. I like that it was opaque in 2 coats.

Gosh Cosmetics Nail Polish – 547 Blue MondayPhotobucketPhotobucket

Dark blue with a purple shimmer. It’s reminiscent of the Sally Hansen HD colors from last year. This one isn’t as thin though. The purple is very visible on the nail as well. This one is opaque in 3 coats.

Annabelle Cosmetics Glitterama Liquid Eyeliner – MajorettePhotobucketPhotobucket

I LOVE this. I’ve already used it. It’s fantastic! I layered it over a black gel liner, and the teal only sort of showed up but the glitter was pretty dense and looked gorgeous over black. On it’s own, it only slightly tints the skin teal so I do think it needs to be layered. It’s very mermaidy. It dries pretty quickly and doesn’t leave a matte finish, like some glitter liners can do.

Quo Plump Up The Volume Mascara – 1291 (Teal)PhotobucketPhotobucketPhotobucketI included a picture of the number so that you can see what it says on the bottom. I don’t really know what the color name is. But it’s GORGEOUS. I’ve used this one already as well and it’s very pigmented. It shows up on the eyes very will. It’s a little liquidy, so it takes a little bit longer to dry than normal mascaras. I’ve used it on it’s own and have layered it over a black and it’s still extremely pigmented either way. It’s also a fairly large tube so that’s good news to me lol. The brush is pretty big, very much like Benefit’s Bad Gal Lash. I think colored liner is a great way to get a pop of color without going overboard with shadows, if that’s your thing.
Quo Bronzing/Blusher BrushPhotobucket

I think all of my brushes have black or very dark handles so having a pink brush just perks me up!
The brush itself is very soft. It’s a duofiber brush, much like the Mac/Sigma 187 brushes. The bristles are a bit longer in the brush though. 


Flake Away Bath ScrubPhotobucketPhotobucket

It’s a lavender smelling, very buttery scrub. The little scrublettes (the exfoliating pieces in the scrub) are much finer than the standard exfoliants I’m used to using. It’s very moisturizing, the scrub pretty much melted in my hands just after touching it. I definitely can’t wait to use this one.

Annabelle Le Gloss – Missymiss & Babydoll PhotobucketPhotobucketPhotobucket

Both Annabelle glosses seem very bright in the tube, but they sheer out when used, which is something I actually prefer in glosses. Some Mac Lipglasses can be super opaque, and I actually prefer the semi-sheer look in glosses. Missymiss is an orangey coral color and Babydoll is a bright pink. Both are great for spring. These glosses didn’t seem to have a scent to them. 

Quo Lipstick – Marquise PhotobucketPhotobucket

To start of, my favorite part of the lipstick has to be the packaging. The lipstick itself clicks into the cap so the twist doesn’t accidentally go in your purse and ruin the lipstick, or the cap doesn’t get lost. It’s great. And it’s super shiny! And it’s just cute. The color is a nice nuded rose. Great for everyday wear. It’s almost my lip color. It has a slight sheen to it and is pretty moisturizing. 

Gosh Cosmetics Velvet Touch Lipstick – 134 DarlingPhotobucketPhotobucketPhotobucket

You probably can’t see the swatch on my hand… but it’s there! I promise! It’s a nice nude lip color that isn’t SO opaque that it nudes out my lips. I’ve been in the search of a good nude lipstick that will neutralize my lips without completely nuding them out so this could possibly be it! This one also has a slight sheen to it, and is also slightly moisturizing.

Gosh Cosmetics Lipgloss – 0075 PhotobucketPhotobucketPhotobucket

This is a pretty opaque, shimmery, plum shade. I do love my berry shades lol. This one is slightly vanilla scented. The lipgloss is on the opaque side, so I would probably wear it on its own and not over a lipstick.

Gosh Cosmetics Light’N Shine Lip Glaze – 04PhotobucketPhotobucketPhotobucket

I think the packaging for this one is very unique as well. The side of the gloss comes with a mirror and inside the applicator are 2 lights. Very cool in my opinion. The Light’N Shine glosses are similar to Mac’s Dazzleglasses. They’re not as sticky though and the glitter particles are much finer. The gloss is decently pigmented, but not opaque. 04 is a midtone, warm pink. 

Gosh Cosmetics Light’N Shine Lip Glaze – 02 PhotobucketPhotobucket

02 is a darker, magenta red color. I could definitely wear this daily. I love the finish of it. The sparkle is delicate and not too overpowering. 
Below 02 is in the middle and 04 is underneath it. The photo on the left is purposely blurred so you can see the different shades of shimmer more clearly.


Gosh On Stage Cool Lip Jam Lip Gloss – 100PhotobucketPhotobucketThis is a very interesting gloss. It’s an iridescently blue/purple lipgloss. It’s cool toned. Something I’d layer over a mauve or purple toned lipstick. I don’t quite know what to do with it yet. But I like it. It doesn’t have a scent.Annabelle Lip Pencil – 405 DemurePhotobucketPhotobucketPhotobucket

I have recently taken a liking to lip pencils. I purchased a new one from Mac called Whirl and it’s gorgeous. So, as I was on the hunt for a new lip pencil, I was happy to get this one in my box 🙂 Demure is a nice bricky-red color. The pencil is on the creamy side. It’s not too hard of a pencil but not too creamy that it runs during the day.

Annabelle Studio Eye ShadowsPhotobucket

These 3 all came in pan form. They’re the same size as Mac shadows, so I stuck them into an empty 4 palette by Mac that I had. 

Indigo GlowPhotobucketPhotobucket

This is a grayed out purpley blue. There’s a slight frost to it. Very similar to a velvet finish in Mac terms. It’s pretty pigmented. That was just one swipe as a swatch.

Bronzed IdolPhotobucketPhotobucket

This is a very metallic bronze color. It’s definitely a frost finish. It’s got a very soft feel to it and is very pigmented when swatching. 


Of the 3 shadows, this was the hardest to swatch. Reverie is a matte, bright blue. I don’t have the greatest experience with matte shadows, not necessarily this brand, or Mac, but with most brands. They tend to not be as pigmented as other finishes, and tend to be a bit chalky. The only matte color that’s perfect is Makeup Forever’s Purple 92. The swatch is a couple swipes layered. 

Gosh Cosmetics Quattro Eye Shadow – JamaicaPhotobucketPhotobucket

This is one of my favorites in the box. It’s a gorgeous eye shadow quad with 4 very fun, summery colors. The shadows are very pigmented and very soft. The texture on top was very cool looking as well. It looked like chiffon 🙂


Annabelle Eye Pencil – 195 Milky WayPhotobucketPhotobucket

This is a little on the hard side. The color is a shimmery white. I’d like to put it on the waterline, but it wasn’t as soft as I thought it’d be. I think it’d be great for the inner corner though because of it’s texture, since it doesn’t move.

Quo Minerals Matter Eye DuoPhotobucketPhotobucket

This is probably my favorite packaging of the palettes I got. They open individually over the shadows. Which is cool. The color on the left is similar to Shimmermoss by Mac. It’s a little lighter and more blue though. It’s pretty soft and pretty frosty as well. The color on the right is like a more pigmented and glitterier version of Greensmoke by Mac. It’s darker and deeper. It’s gorgeous.


Annabelle Eye Shadow Trio – Creme CaramelPhotobucketPhotobucket

This is a lovely neutral trio. Colors are all very soft and pigmented. They all have a slight shimmer or sheen to them. None of them are matte. It’d be a great little trio to travel with. 


Annabelle Eye Shadow Trio – Haute ChocolatePhotobucketPhotobucket

These 3 colors are darker and cooler. The darkest color seems more like a matte with shimmer in it. It seems a little bit on the patchy side. The medium color is a little patchy as well. It’d be a great trio to travel with in addition to the other one. On it’s own though I feel like there’s only a limited amount of things to do with it.


Quo PalettePhotobucket

I love the packaging of this one. I’m a sucker for packaging though. I like the little details. The top part has a large mirror with 4 shadows, which are all very soft and frosty. The bottom compartment has a nude gloss, a blush and a little brush. 

Baléa Face WipesPhotobucket

I’ve never used other wipes besides the Neutrogena ones so I was excited to use these. The first thing I noticed was that it had a very makeup-removery smell, while the Neutrogena ones smell like flowers. They work just as well as the Neutrogena ones. I don’t mind the smell really. I don’t have sensitive skin either so I don’t know if they’re any better for sensitive skin or not.

Quo Makeup Remover Brush Cleaner, Gosh Salt Water SprayPhotobucket

I love the Makeup Remover Brush Cleaner because the spray nozzle on top. The Mac brush cleaner is obnoxiously difficult to use because of the top it has. It works pretty well… it doesn’t have any more power than the other brush cleansers I’ve used.
The Salt Water Spray is fun. It smells really good. I’ve used it to scrunch my hair and it works very much like I assumed it would. It dries in the hair and makes it look very beachy. 

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