So this is that final Top 15 video for all of you… It’s the non-OPI-Zoya-Essie-China Glaze video, so it includes Orly, Sephora by OPI (which I don’t qualify as OPI for…some odd reason that I just can’t explain lol), Chanel, drugstore, foreign etc etc. 

Sephora by OPI 212,warmvanillasugar0823
“212” – Sephora by OPI

This is an “everything in one” nail polish. It has a dark, slightly shimmery brown base, with slightly flakey, opalescently holographic glitter pieces and very small holographic glitter mixed into it as well. Hence, everything in one. It’s pretty pigmented as well too, so 2 coats suffices. 

Sally Hansen DVD,warmvanillasugar0823
“DVD” by Sally Hansen

This was originally released with Sally Hansen’s HD Collection last year. It was at the beginning of that major multi-chrome shimmer polishes that came through this past year. It’s a midtone blue base with a purple and light teal flash to it. It’s gorgeous. It’s also pretty thin though so about 4 coats was needed. Because of that, I’ve already used a good 1/8th of the bottle. Luckily, these are pretty available and I still see these in CVS all the time. 

Rescue Beauty Lounge Underwear,warmvanillasugar0823
“Underwear” by Rescue Beauty Lounge

The Rescue Beauty Lounge polishes in general are amazing, but this one is one of the best because it really highlights the brand’s best attributes. Normally, white polishes are sheer. Super sheer. And can go on uneven and it’s super obvious. “Underwear” is opaque in 2 coats, is smooth and doesn’t dry unevenly.  The white itself is a warmer white tone. The polish applies like butter. It’s amazing.

Rescue Beauty Lounge Scrangie,warmvanillasugar0823
“Scrangie” by Rescue Beauty Lounge

This was named after the nail blogger, Scrangie. It’s a warm purple with the most delicate yet strong and beautiful teal flash to it. In 2 coats it’s perfect. It’s absolutely gorgeous, and very unique. It also exemplifies what a duochrome really is because it’s so strongly duochrome. 

Rescue Beauty Lounge Jane,warmvanillasugar0823
“Jane” by Rescue Beauty Lounge

This I did a NOTW post on. It’s a greige with a very delicate gold shimmer to it. It’s opaque in 2 coats. All RBL polishes are $18 each and can be purchased online at their website. 

Pa Nail Polish,Pa Nail Polish A41,warmvanillasugar0823
“A41” by pa

This one makes the list because it’s so unique. It’s a jelly pink with holographic string glitter. I think it’s best for layering. I posted about Pa previously (click on “pa” above). This one is just one of those polishes that I’ve never seen in other brands before. I found mine at my local Japan Town and was $8, but I’ve seen these sold for $4.99.

Orly Space Cadet,warmvanillasugar0823
“Space Cadet” by Orly

This (and the next one) is from the Cosmic FX collection that Orly released, again in the midst of all of those multi-chrome polishes that were released last year. This is also a dead on dupe for one of the Mac Venomous Villains polishes that was released in the fall. It’s base is a green, but it has gold and pink and green shimmers in it. It mimics the multichrome you see often in hardware materials… nuts and bolts and such. That green/pink/gold/dark silver shine you see on metal. I hope you all know what I’m talking about lol. It’s still pretty available as I see it at CVS all the time. It’s good to go in 3 coats and ranges between $6 and $7.

Orly Galaxy Girl,warmvanillasugar0823
“Galaxy Girl” by Orly

This is a berry like purple with a blue flash to it. This is also a dupe for one of the Venomous Villains polishes. This just combines my 2 favorite colors and I’m in love with it. Also available at CVS.

Nubar Teal Sparkle,warmvanillasugar0823,Nubar Teal Glitte
“Teal Glitter” by Nubar

This is probably my teal polish and favorite glitter polish. Which is saying something because I have a lot  of teal polishes. And a lot of glitter. The glitter that Nubar uses is amazing. It’s very finely milled so it’s never chunky. Although 4 to 5 coats is needed, it doesn’t feel goopy or annoying to use because the formula is perfect. The glitter is just a perfect teal. I use this one all the time for game days for Sharks games. I love it. Nubar polishes are $8 and can be purchased on their website.

Nubar Fire Sparkle,warmvanillasugar0823
“Fire Sparkle” by Nubar

I also did a NOTW post on this polish. It’s probably my second favorite red polish. It’s a red packed with warm red glitter to make it glow. This was 4 coats. This was also part of the phenomenal Sparkle collection by Nubar (not to be confused with the other phenomenal Sparkle collection by Zoya…). I LOVED the rest of those colors too, but this was my favorite of the set.

Nubar Star Sparkle,warmvanillasugar0823
“Star Sparkle” by Nubar

This was the silver from the same collection that the previous polish was from. It’s a clear base with a nice holographic glitter in it. I put this on my toes once and it made me super happy lol. I called them my twinkle toes for so long. This is great for layering as well as on it’s own.

Nars Midnight Express,warmvanillasugar0823
“Midnight Express” by Nars

This is one of Nars’ vintage nail polishes that was re-released this year. I wasn’t even thinking about the beauty realm when it was first released but am SO thankful it’s out again. It’s a gorgeous, pure dark blue with a jelly finish. It was on the pricier side, and was also limited edition, but I love it. I think it’s fantastic. Some people don’t like the touchiness of jelly finishes, but I didn’t really have a problem with that. 

Mac Venomous Villains,Mac Bad Fairy,warmvanillasugar0823
“Bad Fairy” by Mac

This is the only polish from Mac’s Venomous Villains collection that didn’t have a duplicate in another brand. It’s a red with pink and orange shimmers in it. This was also another previous NOTW post. It’s hard to find now because it was so limited. It’s a great polish though.

Color Club Pucci-licious,Color Club Poptastic Collection,Color Club Pucci licious,warmvanillasugar0823
“Pucci-licious” by Color Club

This was from the Poptastic collection by Color Club, which was a big set of neon colors released last summer. I bought a whole lot of them when they were first released. This is my favorite though. It’s a blue-ish purple with a slight pop of neon. Not too neon. It’s opaque in 2 to 3 coats. It’s also inexpensive and can still be found wherever Color Club is sold. I get most of mine online, occasionally I get them at Bed, Bath and Beyond. They range from $2-$4. 

Chanel Rouge Fatal,warmvanillasugar0823
“Rouge Fatal” by Chanel

This one was easily a splurge buy. But it was also the end to my seemingly never-ending search for the perfect red nail polish. I should have known to turn to Chanel for the perfect red, but I wasn’t ready to make that commitment, until I saw this one. I saw this first on Temptalia’s website and just died when I saw it. It was the perfect tone, and the finish seemed just perfect. A lot of red cremes end up being somewhat jelly like… they end up having a very odd sheerness to them that make the color lean on the magenta side and I just wanted a solid red creme. Rouge Fatal does that. It’s a good, strong, rich, solid red creme that isn’t leaning on orange or pink. It’s just the perfect red. Reminds me of a very glamorous, vintage WWII era red nail. It’s stunning and fabulous. 

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