So you all know (or should) that I’m a hockey fan. I have an NHL makeup tutorial series. I talk about hockey once in a while here and if you follow me on Twitter, if I’m not ranting about my life, then I’m probably talking about hockey.
Since playoffs started last week, I did what every girly hockey fan does, and went theme crazy! I had my playoffs FOTD going on the Sharks first game day and I had my nails going too. 
First team (of 2) to get onto my nails was (and always will be) the San Jose Sharks.

Zoya Charla,Nubar Teal Glitter,warmvanillasugar0823,Nail Art,TealZoya Charla,Nubar Teal Glitter,warmvanillasugar0823,Nail Art,Teal

The colors I used as bases were my 2 favorite teal colors of all time, Zoya’s Charla and Nubar’s Teal Glitter. Teal glitter was my accent nail, Charla was on my other nails. On top of that I added some nail art.
Left hand got a heart on my index finger, which I did with my Sally Hansen Nail Art Pens. I used the only two that I have, the White on the outside and I filled it in with Black. They’re ok pens I guess. I think the polish inside them is really on the runny side so you have to be very decisive with it.
On my right hand, I used the Konad M27 plate, which has all the sea animals on it, and I (clearly) used the shark. I used the Konad Special Polish in White, and just stamped it on.
Both hands got a little sprinkle of Mac’s Reflects Teal glitter on top to add a little more teal sparkle. But you really can’t see it.
I apologize for the sloppy and craptastic photos as well. I took them RIGHT after I did my nails and didn’t think to clean up around the nails first. 
I used my regular Zoya Anchor, Zoya Armor and Seche Vite.
A note about Konading – I’ve found that if you do a layer of a thick top coat before you stamp then it gives you a little wiggle room if you mess up. I normally do a layer of Seche Vite before I stamp because it dries super fast so a) it cuts down the waiting time, because you FOR SURE want to have completely dry nails before you stamp and b) since it’s a thicker top coat, if you mess up, you can get a cotton swab with some polish remover and just remove the image you put down without harming the polish underneath. It gives you a second chance to stamp without having to wait a super long time to redo just one nail. It can layer up pretty fast and can make your nails feel a little thick, but I like that since I have thinner nails.

OPI Glitzerland,OPI Swiss Collection,Konad M57,Leopard Print Nails,Pittsburgh Penguins

This is what I changed my nails to after the teal started to chip. This is for my 2nd favorite team, the Pittsburgh Penguins. Their colors are Black and “Vegas Gold” (yeah. really??) so I Konaded some black leopard print over a pale gold. 
The gold I used was OPI’s Glitzerland from the Swiss Collection. I added a light coating of China Glaze’s White Cap, but you really can’t see it at all. Especially with the Konad on top. 
Glitzerland is a pale, almost foiled gold color. It’s very similar to Orly’s Luxe, but Luxe is a little warmer and completely foil. It’s also a bit more pigmented. Glizterland has tiny flecks of gold shimmer in it as well, which Luxe doesn’t have. I used 3 coats of Glitzerland and it wasn’t fussy at all. Drying time was pretty good as well.
The Konad plate I used was M57. I used the Konad Special Polish in Black.
Then to spice it up a little bit more, I added random white dots again with the Sally Hansen Nail Art Pen. 
I used Zoya Anchor, Zoya Armor and Seche Vite. 

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