Zoya Spring & Summer: Intimate, Sunshine, Summertime

I meant to post these all as individual collections way long ago, but I got caught up in a million things and thus, they're now being posted as one GIANT Zoya Spring & Summer nail polish post. Way back in January, Zoya released their Spring Collection, the Intimate Collection. I originally didn't think I wanted any … Continue reading Zoya Spring & Summer: Intimate, Sunshine, Summertime

Top 15 Misc. Nail Polish

So this is that final Top 15 video for all of you... It's the non-OPI-Zoya-Essie-China Glaze video, so it includes Orly, Sephora by OPI (which I don't qualify as OPI for...some odd reason that I just can't explain lol), Chanel, drugstore, foreign etc etc. "212" - Sephora by OPIThis is an "everything in one" nail polish. … Continue reading Top 15 Misc. Nail Polish

NOTW: Playoff Edition

So you all know (or should) that I'm a hockey fan. I have an NHL makeup tutorial series. I talk about hockey once in a while here and if you follow me on Twitter, if I'm not ranting about my life, then I'm probably talking about hockey.Since playoffs started last week, I did what every … Continue reading NOTW: Playoff Edition