Hello and welcome to a new edition of my Top 10 Nail Polish series 🙂 This one is for Zoya. I can’t really say enough about Zoya without going overboard. As a brand, they’re fantastic. You can really only buy them on their website, which is here, as on some etailers. There is really no benefit to buying them on another website though because Zoya is so amazing. There’s free shipping after $55, and free gifts after $30, $50 and $100. Their shipping is also decently quick and they also have the Spoon system, which is like a way to test the colors for free. Each Spoon is $0.25 when you first purchase then but you get the money back in your next purchase. The spoon is also the exact color of the  polish so there’s no “what if it’s not really that color” when you get the bottle later.Zoya also has great customer service, and promotions. They have sales and promotional codes ALL the time so there’s always a chance to get discounted or free polishes.Their color range is also excellent. They have a lot of standard cremes, neutrals and really wearable colors but they also have a lot in the fun range. Glitters, shimmers, brights, they have them all. Their collections also come out dependably often and are always coherent.So, without further ado, here are my top 10 Zoya Nail Polishes!
zoya veruschka,warmvanillasugar0823

This was from the matte velvet collection. The color is actually very similar to OPI Suede’s “Here Today Aragon Tomorrow” but the formula on this is much smoother, and slightly more opaque. It’s a nice soft pink green with a bunch of dark shimmer. The polish dries to a soft matte, not a chalky matte, and the shimmer makes it look velvety. It can look brighter with a top coat, and the shimmer comes through as well. The swatch on my pinky looks like the actual finish of the polish. The swatch on my index finger actually shows the shimmer through.

zoya nova,warmvanillasugar0823

This was from the Ultra Glitter Collection, which had 3 very thick glitters. 2 were pink, one was silver. This is the darker of the pinks. It’s a magenta jelly base with thick silver and pink pieces of glitter in it. Sorry for the messy application. It does get a little chunky like this if you rush through it like I did. It’s a very pretty disco ball like glitter though. It’s the prettiest! It’s opaque in 3 coats.

zoya mimi,zoya sparkle collection,warmvanillasugar0823

This is from the Sparkle Collection, which is easily my FAVORITE collection from the summer. They’re the most amazing polishes ever lol (not really, but they’re amazing). The Sparkle Collection was the first of the ultra fine but dense glitter nail polishes that were so, so popular this past year. It’s very much the color of “Violet” which is the purple crayon by Crayola. The glitter in it is purple as well as slightly silver. It’s kind of sheer at first but it’s opaque after 2 good coats for after 3 more sheer coats. It’s super deep but also very pretty at the same time. Lovely though 🙂

zoya ki,warmvanillasugar0823

This is a multichrome dark gunmetal. There’s a pink as well as green oil slick like multichrome to the polish. It’s much darker than the Katy Perry color that was also a gunmetal multichrome. This is pretty opaque in 2 coats. 

zoya isla,warmvanillasugar0823

This is from the Truth or Dare collection from fall of not this past year but last year. It’s a blackened red metallic color. Not very purple or brown tinted, but a good solid red. It’s very deep looking after 3 coats. It’s a good Christmas red color 🙂

zoya gaia,warmvanillasugar0823

I personally think this one was meant to be layered. I did a NOTW post a while back with this polish where I layered it over a pastel purple and it was gorgeous. It reminds me a lot of the Chilled On Ice Paint Pot from Cham-Pale by Mac. It’s super sheer on it’s own and needs to be layered like no other in order for it to be an opaque white.

zoya edyta,zoya wicked collection,warmvanillasugar0823

This is from the Wicked And Wonderful Collection from this past fall. It’s a very sheer navy blue base with a golden olive as well as darker green shimmer. Its super hard to describe because there are so many different features to it. It’s gorgeous, smokey, and bright all at the same time. Super unique. And opaque in 2 coats.

zoya c,zoya charla,zoya sparkle collection,warmvanillasugar0823

This is also from the Sparkle Collection and is my favorite of the collection as well as one of my favorite colors of all time. It’s a very pretty turquoise shimmer. There was a dupe for this released by OPI called “Catch Me In Your Net”. It’s like the perfect mermaid blue. I love love love love LOVE it! It’s opaque in 3 coats. 

zoya alegra,warmvanillasugar0823,zoya sparkle collection

The darker of the 2 pinks from the Sparkle Collection. It’s a nice magenta shimmer. There was a dupe for this from the OPI Burlesque collection. This one for me came first though. It’s sort of the perfect Barbie pink color though. It’s on the more sheer side so 3 coats or maybe even 4 is needed. The shimmer in this isn’t thick at all so the shimmer doesn’t build up obnoxiously.

zoya adina,zoya reverie collection,warmvanillasugar0823
AdinaThis is probably my most unique polish. It’s a sheer purple with a green duochrome to it. No other polish looks like this in my collection. It is on the sheer side so about 3 to 4 coats are needed. It’s totally worth it though because the polish looks amazing when it’s on and the duochrome really shows up. 

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