This is #2 of my Top 10 nail polish series. The first was China Glaze.
As a brand, I really do like Essie. Their packaging is clean, their formula is pretty standardly good and opaque, they are on the pricier side though and have a very thin brush. Their color range isn’t the greatest – lots of baby pinks, sheer colors and neutrals. I do like that Essie’s collections are always coherent and are never over zealous or confusingly extravagant, which some collections can do.
Again, polishes aren’t in any specific order. Some of these are from previous NOTW posts as well (solely to save me time… it’s the middle of midterms for me right now, so posts have been less frequent as I’ve had less time).
In general, Essie nail polishes range from $8-9 and can be found in CVS now, as well as beauty salons, beauty suppliers and etailers. I’ve found them in Bed, Bath and Beyond as well.

Essie Turquoise & Caicos,warmvanillasugar0823
Turquoise & Caicos

This is probably one of my favorites, within Essie as well as within the color category. This was released over the summer for their summer collection. It’s a rather sheer, jelly like turquoise color. It’s gorgeous on the toes and nails. I love it in the summer. It looks great on a lot of different skin tones. 3 coats is perfect for this, just because it’s jelly like base. I don’t want to call it a pure jelly because it still does have a creme like finish to it as well. I apologize again for my hands looking so red, my camera picked up the polish’s true color but that made the red in my hands super saturated.

Essie Mint Candy Apple,warmvanillasugar0823
Mint Candy Apple

I feel like this is on a lot of people’s favorites lists when it comes to Essie, or Spring Nail Polish because it’s such a perfect mint green. It’s not too green, which I like, it’s very much a light turquoise pastel. There’s also the slightest hint of a pearl to it, which actually doesn’t translate onto the nail, and I prefer it because that would make this color more… old lady-ish? I love how opaque this polish is. This was 2 coats. It’s also a permanent color so you’ll always be able to find it.

Essie Merino Cool,warmvanillasugar0823
Merino Cool

This is almost exactly like Sephora by OPI’s Metro Chic. Except for me, the formula is better, and it dries to a much nicer shine. Although I do always apply top coats, I feel like this one has a decent shine to it on its own. This was 2 coats. It’s a gray, purple, taupe brown lol. One of those quintessential ugly-pretty fall colors. This was from the 2010 Fall collection.

Essie Limited Addiction,warmvanillasugar0823
Limited Addiction

So the photo of this for some reason didn’t turn out the greatest…. I have no clue why. It’s a great, classic creme red polish. Very bold, and not as jelly like as some reds can be. Opaque in 2 coats. Also from the fall 2010 collection. A good red can be difficult to find, so this is one that I highly approve of.

Essie Lilacism,warmvanillasugar0823

This is another color that makes a lot of people’s top Essie colors and spring nail polish picks. It’s a light pastel purple. Almost exactly the same as OPI’s Rumples Wiggin’, in terms of color. It’s one of those “whichever you prefer” if I were to recommend a brand. But, this one makes one of my favorite Essies because It represents everything I like about Essie. The formula is great, opaque in 2 coats, the color looks great on a lot of skin tones. It’s a permanent item… I don’t feel like Essie makes that many limited edition colors. It dries pretty fast. It’s just great all around.

Essie Lapis of Luxury,warmvanillasugar0823
Lapis of Luxury

This was from the summer collection as well. It’s a nice, cooler toned blue that isn’t too bright. It’s a slightly darker shade of blue. It’s very relaxing to me. Like the mediterranean ocean at sunset. This one took 3 coats. I did a previous NOTW post on this. Probably my most asked for blue (in terms of to borrow).

Essie Cute As A Button,warmvanillasugar0823
Cute As A Button

I don’t have many coral nail polishes, because I really hate the way it looks on my hands. I hate Melon of Troy by OPI. I hate that shade, and that pearl it has. It’s a gorgeous color, just not on me. This one is different though. It’s the right shade of coral for me, as it’s not too orange. It’s also slightly darker. There’s an in-between pink and orange shade in the corals that just doesn’t work for me. This has a slight jelly texture to it. It’s opaque in 3 coats. Great summer color. I got it at the end of summer so I didn’t wear it as much as I had liked, but since it’s been so sunny here, I’ve been tempted to put it on. Love 🙂

Essie Ballet Slippers,warmvanillasugar0823
Ballet Slippers

I’m not the biggest fan of sheer pinks. I feel like you really only need one, because on the nail they end up all looking the same. That being said, I a) have like… 6 and really don’t know why. And b) love this one enough for it to make my top 10 list. It does have a sentimental reason behind it as stated in my video, but as far as formula and wear it’s awesome. It’s not runny like my crap bottle of Bubble Bath by OPI. It’s opaque in 3, which is great, because another reason I’m not so inclined to use baby pinks is that it takes a MILLION coats to get opaque. This one stayed on my nails really well too. It didn’t get noticeably dirty, which I’ve found lots of baby pinks do. It’s a great baby pink for those of you that are into baby pinks. The most annoying thing though is picking it out of the Essie stand. Even if the names are printed on the display, there’s always that person that puts the wrong color in the wrong place, and Essie has SO MANY baby pinks I feel like it’d be easy to mistake one for the other.

Essie Mink Muffs,warmvanillasugar0823
Mink MuffsThe color isn’t this warm in real life. Has a grayer tint to it. But, it’s a great fall brown-gray. It’s mousy, which typically wouldn’t be pretty but it’s again, another ugly-pretty color. I first saw this on Tiffany D’s channel and she has a different skin tone than I do and it looks good on her. I like the way this brown looks on my skin so it’s fair to say it looks good on a whole range of skin tones. 
Essie Angora Cardi,warmvanillasugar0823
Angora CardiThis was one of my first Essie polishes. It’s a nice mauvey wine. Great for the fall, if you want to go more towards color and away from all of those greige-tauples (gray, beige, taupe, purple). Don’t get me wrong, it is definitely a more subdued color but it’s not so unsaturated like the standard fall colors. It is opaque in 2. Good formula all around.

4 thoughts on “Top 10: Essie Nail Polish

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  2. My sisters birthday is coming up and she's a huge fan of Essie. She doesn't like neutral colors but loves purple and pretty much anything else! What colors should I get her?


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