UPDATE!!!! I’ve re-filmed this – check out the most current version here!

This week is midterm weeks so I’m posting videos/blogs that are very easy for me to just quickly edit and write about.
I’m starting a new “Top 10” series and they’ll be about nail polish. Maybe someday I’ll end up expanding it to eye shadow or lip products but for now, it’s all nail polish.
A while back I did a Top 10 China Glaze, OPI, Essie and “Etc” group of videos, but I have so many more polishes now, and the lists have changed quite a bit so I decided to re-do them. That and the old videos were just slides and this time I made real videos 🙂
I’m starting with China Glaze.
Some of the photos are from previous NOTW posts, which I’ll be linking along with the photos. Some of them aren’t.
The polishes aren’t in any specific order… if anything I put them in backwards chronological order by collection, because choosing an absolute favorite and then putting them in order would just be too hard.
I hope you guys are having a good week, and if you’re in school, midterms aren’t killing you!
PS – Adele’s new album “21” is AMAZING! Check it out if you like her music 🙂

china glaze broken hearted,china glaze crackle,china glaze crushed candy,warmvanillasugar0823
Crushed Candy Crackle Glaze
This is from the most recent Crackle Glaze collection China Glaze released. The polish is the one on my ring finger if you hadn’t seen it before. It’s a light teal, creme crackle and it’s gorgeous. You guys all know that I’m completely obsessed with any cosmetic item that’s teal. In fact, that manicure was just dedicated to my new love of crackle/shatter nail polishes and my obsession with the color teal lol. The color is really similar to China Glaze’s “For Audrey”, which is a Tiffany’s blue color. I really like the color as a plain polish, but I think making into a crackle polish made it even more awesome. I love the effect it has over black.
china glaze crackle,china glaze lightning bolt
Lightning Bolt Crackle Glaze
Another from the Crackle Glaze collection (video here). This is a creme white crackle. I put this over Essie’s “Mint Candy Apple” in the photo and it turned into this very 1950’s vintagey sort of color combo in a very contemporary twist. Loved the way it looked. Again, I’ve come to really love the crackle polishes because it’s a great way for people to get a good nail art with out really doing nail art. That and I feel like the colored ones are much easier to wear. It’s easy to wear a white crackle because from far away, it sort of makes the polish you’re wearing into a very neutralized color by lightening it without really lightening it. If that made any sense lol.
china glaze mistletoe kisses,china glaze holiday 2010,warmvanillasugar0823
Mistletoe Kisses
Probably my new favorite holiday color. At least of the greens anyways lol. This came out with the ‘Tis The Season collection, which was the China Glaze Holiday collection from this past year. It’s a beautiful, evergreen jelly with a dense, and fine silver shimmer. Very cool, very crisp, perfect holiday green in my opinion. Just lovely all around. Always puts me in a good mood when I look at it. It’s so pretty! And forgive my really red hands… it’s the camera compensating because the color is so green and it’s trying to capture the true color of the green. Cameras are funny like that :/

china glaze zombie zest,warmvanillasugar0823Zombie Zest

This is from the Halloween “Awakening” Collection from this past fall. I did a NOTW post on this, which thoroughly describes the formula and wear. I think this color is quite unique… even though Orly’s Cosmic FX collection has an exact dupe. Still, they’re the only 2 that made this sort of color with this sort of finish. That being a very dense, multidimensional shimmer in a very slimey, gross, truly zombie like green. 

china glaze ingrid,china glaze fall 2010,warmvanillasugar0823
This was released with the Vintage Vixens collection for China Glaze’s Fall 2010 collection. This is a very nice mushroomy-taupe with a very slight, gold microshimmer infused into it. Very neutral, but special at the same time because of the gold shimmer. Makes it way more interesting for those who hate wearing neutral nails, but have to because of work or whatever. It’s a good brown too because it’s not too cool so it looks good on most skin tones. 

china glaze flip flop fantasy,china glaze summer 2010,warmvanillasugar0823
Flip Flop Fantasy

This was from the summer Pool Side Collection, from 2010. That whole collection was neons. And they were very fun. And very bright. When they were first released, I was SO not into them because neons didn’t seem very flattering to me. I feel like not a lot of skin tones can wear neons. But then I kept seeing them and I just… had to have them lol. This is one of 2 I picked up from the collection. I got the pink one too. But this one was the more coveted one. It’s a neon coral. Who does that? lol. Not very many people. As I wore it in the summer, the more appropriate it became, and I slowly just fell totally in love with it. It’s interesting and bright, but not too obnoxious and not too cliche. I feel like a TON of companies make a neon pink. Coral? special.

china glaze four leaf clover,china glaze spring 2010,warmvanillasugar0823
Four Leaf CloverThis is probably one of my favorite greens. It’s so difficult to capture on camera because it’s so different in different lighting. It’s GORGEOUS in real life though. It’s a bright, dark pastel green, that isn’t a yellow green, but a more blue green. Definitely one you must see in person to really appreciate. Again, my hands are such a weird color because the camera was trying to capture the real color of the polish. It’s close, but not 100% a match. The closest I’ve ever gotten though. It doesn’t seem like it’d be a really bright color, but on the nail, and especially outside, it really pops. Very pretty. Also, the formula is just dreamy. Very opaque and easy to work with. Love love love love.
china glaze agent lavender,warmvanillasugar0823Agent LavenderThis came out… a while ago lol. I actually don’t know exactly when it came out because I wasn’t tracking collections when it did. It’s probably my favorite pastel China Glaze makes though. It’s a nice periwinkle/lavender creme color. Not quite a lavender though. A little more blue than a true lavender for me. It’s not quite blue enough to be a periwinkle though. 
china glaze emerald sparkle,warmvanillasugar0823Emerald SparkleThis is a deep, emerald green jelly with green glitter. Absolutely unique, and absolutely fantastically wonderful. I think it came out originally with a Wizard of Oz collection. It’s pretty opaque, and 2 coats is mostly enough. On my ring finger you can see it dragged a little, as jelly polishes do, so on the top of my nail it’s a little sheer. This was in my first round top 10 polish list, and was lucky enough to make my second list. It’s just so gorgeous not to include.
china glaze dv8,china glaze omg,holographic nail polish,warmvanillasugar0823DV8This list wouldn’t have been complete without one of the OMG colors, and of course it’s the teal one. The OMG colors were the first of the holographic polishes I ever purchased, and for me these are the standard I hold holographic colors to. I like how small the holographic bits are… sometimes the glitter in the other ones can be bigger and make the polish seem a little chunkier. These are in no way chunky but extremely smooth. They dry SUPER fast too. This is probably one of my favorite teal polishes, which is saying something because I have a ton of teal polishes. It’s just so special though. 

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