I believe this was released in the winter, at Sephora. It was originally released exclusively for the Sephora in New York, hence the name “212” (NYC’s area code). I, for one, am SO glad that it wasn’t kept as a NYC exclusive because I mean… look at it!
It’s a deep metallic golden brown packed with small, iridescent flakes and holographic silver glitter. It’s base color, the golden brown, is a cooler, ashier brown on first coat, and then the warmth, and goldiness of it builds as the coats build. There are so many flakes and glitters that you don’t need to pile it on to get a good sparkle in it. It’s just so super multidimensional, especially in different lights. If they’re still in stock, I highly recommend it. 
I only own 2 Sephora by OPI polishes (the other being the infamous Metro Chic), and they’ve both impressed me beyond expectation so far…. being a total label snob, anything that’s a spin-off of OPI always felt like the formula and such would also be “of lesser quality”. I know it sounds stupid, but that’s just how I always felt about Sephora by OPI. I’m glad that the two I have though make me reconsider my feelings about the brand.
This is 3 coats (just for good measure… 2 coats was fine though), on top of Zoya’s Anchor, and under Zoya’s Armor and Seche Vite.


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