Edmonton’s colors are Orange, Royal Blue and White. They also have an alternate set of colors (I have no clue what that means) which are Copper, Midnight Blue, Red and White. 
I wasn’t so jazzed on the idea of doing an orange and blue look. I did one previously for the Golden State Warriors and I quite frankly didn’t like it at all. I put orange on the lid and blue on the crease and it was so contrasting I didn’t like it. Some people can do stuff like that and look good with it, I can’t.
So I was thinking on how I wanted to do this and decided to go neutral with an orange lid, with copper in the crease and blue as a liner underneath. Orange is a difficult color to work with, in my opinion, because it can look so weird on the face if it’s a true orange color. Trying to find an eye shadow color that is clearly orange, and doesn’t lean towards copper, or bronze is kind of difficult. 
This would be great for people with blue eyes, but I think regardless of your eye color, if you have more warm undertones this would look great on you. Sorry to those who have cool undertones… although if you’re confident enough to wear orange, more power to you. 
Full list of products after the jump!
Products used:
– Too Faced Shadow Insurance
– Mac “Coral Crepe”, “Rubenesque” paint pots
– Mac “Style Predator” eye shadow, Loew Cornelle 1/2
– Mac “Twinks” eye shadow, Sigma SS222
– Mac “Woodwinked” eye shadow, Mac 217
– Mac “Wild By Nature” eye shadow, Mac 224
– Mac “Dreammaker” eye shadow, Mac 213
– Benefit “Downtown Brown” liner
– Loreal Hip Blue gel liner
– Mac “Contrast”, “Deep Truth” eye shadow, angled brush.



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