Along with the Wonder Woman products, I bought some shadows and a Mac 4 palette. I’m trying to expand my collection with permanent items instead of Limited Edition ones… mostly because this way I know I’ll spend less and I’ll be more dependent on products I know I can pick up on a regular basis lol. 
The colors I bought were in the warm brown range, and then I bought Carbon.
Although these are all fairly attainable colors, especially in drugstores, or in the Coastal Scents 88 Warm Palette, I feel like they’re solid purchases because I constantly use colors like this, and since I spend a lot of time applying makeup away from home, it’s easier to just relocate certain colors into a 4 palette, than bring 4 individual colors, or an entire 88 palette.
I mainly just wanted an empty 4 palette, but Mac online doesn’t sell empty ones. I also had been meaning to pick up Carbon for a while, and again, the other colors I bought are extremely wearable and colors that I will often reach for.
For 4 pans and a palette, the total is $49 on the Mac website.

Velvet. It’s a nice wine color with a warm shimmer in it. It’s a slightly purpley brown. I love it. It’s a great lid color. It’s pretty pigmented and the shimmer definitely comes through, which is always a plus with colors like this.


Veluxe Pearl. Very pigmented, reddish brown. It’s pretty soft and very good for the crease. It’s similar in color to Mulch when applied. This one is just slightly redder and warmer. 


Velvet. Dark purpley red brown with a slight reddish shimmer. It’s very pigmented and dark. It’s another great crease color. Comes out more on the purple side than the brown side.



Matte. It’s a very black, very matte color. Not chalky at all and goes on very pigmented, no unnecessary layering needed. A lot of times with matte black shadows, it’s not chalky, it’s not just a really dark gray, and it’s very easy to apply and blend. It goes on very smooth and is great to use as a liner or as a color to smoke out any look. It also builds very well.

Trax, Twinks, Sketch, Carbon Photobucket

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