OPI Who The Shrek Are You?,OPI Simply Smashing,Bundle Monster Nail Stamping,warmvanillasugar0823Since it’s been so sunny and spring like I decided to go from a spunky magenta sparkle to a spring time green. This is 3 coats of OPI’s “Who The Shrek Are You?” from OPI’s summertime Shrek collaboration, with a coat of OPI’s “Simply Smashing” from the recently released OPI Serena Williams collaboration. To spruce it up a little more (no pun intended) I stamped on some green leaves onto my accent nail using the Bundle Monster Nail Art Stamping Plates plate number BM19.The first time I cracked open the OPI Shrek color, I loved it. The formula was great and wasn’t fussy at all. This time, it was actually kind of annoying and I was kind of miffed about it. It was on the thicker side, and the polish tended to drag unevenly when applying multiple coats. It for sure needed two to three coats, and being me I used three, and it was so annoying to work with. I was sad to see that happen because I absolutely loved the polish the first time I used it.On top of the Shrek is a single coat of the OPI Serena color. It’s quite sheer with just one coat so it give the nails a nice slightly olive, golden, green sparkle. I was actually inspired to do that by AllLaqueredUp’s most recent post about her bowling ball manicure. Her nails were much brighter than mine but I feel like it was an acceptable alternative for those who don’t have the colors she used, especially because the shimmer she used was long discontinued and currently difficult to find.OPI “Simply Smashing” is available still on TransDesign, if you’re all wondering.The color is actually more accurate in the photo below:OPI Who The Shrek Are You?,OPI Simply Smashing,Bundle Monster Nail Stamping,warmvanillasugar0823And for those of you wondering, the nail design on my ring finger was made by the Bundle Monster set which is available on Amazon. It’s a Fauxnad (Faux Konad) company that makes a bundle of nail art plates for much less than the standard Konad plates. They come with a lot of different patterns that will please anybody for the price they pay. I used BM19 and the little leaf pattern it comes it. Keep in mind that “little” is used because the pattern itself is much smaller than the Konad full nail designs so for those with smaller nails, like me, it’s perfect. Otherwise, you’d have to stamp twice. The color I used was Mac’s “Jade Dragon” from the F/W Nail Trend collection this past year.The base coat I used this time was Anchor by Zoya, and the top coats were Armour by Zoya and finally Seche Vite on top. OPI Who The Shrek Are You?,OPI Simply Smashing,Bundle Monster Nail Stamping,warmvanillasugar0823OPI Who The Shrek Are You?,OPI Simply Smashing,Bundle Monster Nail Stamping,warmvanillasugar0823

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